Friday, 16 November 2007

Something spooky...

This is something that has been vexing me for a while. My children, Hannah, aged five and Rosie, aged four, are scared of something in their bedroom.

It isn't there at night or when they are in their beds, only during the day. Hannah will not go up to the room on her own and Rosie, although happy to go up to the room on her own, is frightened of a particular spot on the floor. The don't really play in their room very often, preferring instead to fetch toys downstairs to play with.

The particular spot is in the corner of the green rug, about where the bedtime story books are sitting in the photograph.

I thought the problem had gone away; that the pair of them had grown out of whatever it was, save for Hannah's absolute refusal to be in the room on her own, but it has become a problem again.

I was just helping Rosie to change into her school uniform and was trying to get her to stand in front of me on the green rug, but she was completely freaked out about 'something' and insisted on sitting on her bed, which is the lower of the bunk beds (just seen in the right of the photograph). She was shaking, her eyes looked truly scared, and she had goose bumps.

We have just moved the room around. Until last week Rosie had a cot bed by the window where the chest of drawers is now, and Hannah had a toddler bed on the opposite side of the room, where the bunk beds now are. I wonder if, by moving the furniture around, we have disturbed it, whatever 'it' is, again?

They are both intelligent, sensitive children, so I believe that they are sensing something real, not just 'putting it on', however irritating it is to be dragged up there to accompany them every time they want to change their shoes!

I would love them to feel happy and safe in their room. It would be a bigger problem if it bothered them at night, but they have both always slept soundly in there. Even Hannah is happy on her own in there at night. So it is definitely a day time problem, not a night time one.

This is a very old house, dating from the 1500s, possibly as far back as the 1300s or before. The whole farm is a very spiritual place. We have an ancient green lane and various standing stones (all Preseli blue stone as used in Stonehenge).

I just wonder if there is a solution to that small area in the girls' bedroom, so that it is a happy space during the day, as well as at night? All suggestions gratefully received!


  1. Hi Preseli Hills, I'm going to pm you otherwise to claim to know of these things would be admitting we have strange goings on at Le Chateau and we wouldn't want that !!

  2. Children are often very sensitive to psychic things and so I would totally trust the girls' feelings. Have you tried asking what they see or feel there?
    My inclination would be to cleanse the room. Can you get hold of a smudge stick or some powerful cleansing incense? If so, do it when the girls aren't around. have a shower (with some rosemary oil). Then smudge yourself, wafting the smoke all over you to cleanse your own aura. Open the window. have bare feet. Then waft the smudge or smoke all around the room, asking that any inappropriate presence might kindly remove itself..... It's not a case of 'devil be gone!' but more of gently trying to persuade it that this isn't the best place, that it's frightening children and needs to move on.
    If it still proves problematic after that, I'd be tempted to ask your local priest or vicar if he or she could do a blessing. Failing that, you would need to find a 'soul rescuer' to shift it on.
    Hope that helps..... Is there another room they could use in the meantime? jxxx

  3. I have enlarged the picture and noticed a very small orb near the top of the window. (An orb is a ball of energy, the first manifestation of an astral being.) Do you know the history of the house? People who used to live there? Do you know what that particular room was used for?

    If this is only happening in the daytime, then I doubt it is a malevolent spirit, visiting to upset your children otherwise it would appear at night also, when children are often at their most vulnerable.

    Try placing a recording video camera and a tape recorder near the area in question when you feel the room is being haunted. You might be surprised with the results. And it might be an idea to take some more digital photos when the room is dark. Preferably without the children in!

    Don't be too alarmed though. Whatever it is that your children are fearful of may just be trying to communicate in the only way they know how. It might not be the best way to approach a child but there will be a reason for their interruption.

    And if things don't improve I suggest you invite a good medium into your home (when the children are not there) to see if a spirit energy has indeed been awoken from your restyling of the bedroom. Renovation usually brings new "life" to a room.

    Best wishes, Crystal xx

  4. You know sometimes just talking to the Spirit - explaining that it is scaring the children and asking it to leave can do the trick . . .or if it is another child that wants the company of your children in a good way perhaps ask it to move to another spot . . . .

  5. Have you got a spare bedroom? guest room whatever? Can the girls change rooms with someone else? I am certainly not an expert but a mother with an extremely sensitive son and I would sugest the girls sense more than adults can. Until they find the room okagain. Exmoor Jane has given you some good advise. I know it sounds a bit odd but theese things happen but most people are too scared to talk about them as other people might think they were bonkers

  6. Oh dear, this has sent shivers up my spine, I'd be hopeless - the poor children would be trampled in my rush to get out the room. I do hope they feel safe again soon.

  7. Oh my, this is troubling. As a mother of two girls, the very first thing I would do--and quickly--is to move the girls to a different room. I know nothing about this type of phenomenon, but until it's dealt with, those girls need to be somewhere where they can feel safe.

  8. Sadly I can't move them to another room! I really wish I could, but we've got such a tiny house!

    Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I'm going to 'space clear' the room and if necessary ask our lovely friendly vicar to come and bless it if necessary. I remember when I met Karen Kingston (of space clearing fame) that she talked about this sort of thing and space clearing being appropriate. Then I can have a quiet word with whoever it is and ask them to move to somewhere else.

  9. How awful for you. All I know is this: a friend of mine's husband committed suicide in their garage. In later years I got to know the new people who lived in the house and their child who slept in the room above the garage was upset by a 'strange man' in the room. I think they dealt with this by putting salt on the window sill - but can't remember the details now. Salt cleanses the room I believe. You would have to look this up. The other thing is, I have experience of having a house blessed as I had the house my daughter used to live in, that she felt had a spirit in it, blessed earlier this year. It is a short procedure, about half an hour and pleasant. I am RC and my priest was very happy to do this, and there is a ritual that he did, saying prayers and blessing each room with Holy Water.

    God bless you and your girls.

    Faith x

  10. Best of luck, lots of good advice there.

  11. Oh wow, just read through the comments - Karen Kingston did a blessing on our old house (the one we just sold) when I was pregnant. It was so beautiful - offerings of flowers everywhere and petals on the threshold.

  12. Children are far more sensitive than adults. Whatever it is can't be too sinister otherwise your girls would feel uncomfortable at night as well. Have you tried something simple like changing the rug for something more friendly?

  13. Children are far more sensitive than adults. Whatever it is can't be too sinister otherwise your girls would feel uncomfortable at night as well. Have you tried something simple like changing the rug for something more friendly?

  14. Poor wee mites. Can't begin to give advice, but you seem to have generated plenty of good ideas here.
    Good luck

  15. When I was a child I was terrified of certain spots in the house, but I think it was an over-active imagination....I was more scared at night...
    My own children were scared of something in their room.....turned out to be mice.
    Try asking the children to draw or paint what scares them- this might give you a clue and also help the children express their fears. If they are able to do it, you mght even find a way to approach the problem with them? My feeling is, if whatever it is seems to be benign, the children might be able to deal with it themselves...what the americans would call 'empowering'. If you get an outside person to 'rid' it, the children may always worry that 'something' might return.

  16. Only just seen this Mags, I'm a bit behind this week. Hmm. I'm absolutely not trying to be a sceptic - I certainly believe in a lot of what people are talking about above, and I am also a big fan of Karen Kingston and space clearing (Wow - you met her!) - but I also think that, whilst children are certainly more sensitive then adults, they are also very easily prone to scaring each other and winding each other up. I still vividly remember my sister and I getting terrified of absolutely nothing, just because we let fear itself take hold. Is it possible that one of them could have got scared by some weird shape/pattern/stain on the carpet? I remember getting very scared by the door handles on my wardrobe door for some reason when I was about 5! Fear communicates itself so quickly. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you haven't already thought of, but I would probably try something like holding a teddy bear's picnic on the rug in the room in the daytime, or asking them what lovely things they would like to put up onthe walls, or even changing things around again. The smallest things can set off sesitive chidldren, as I know to my cost! If that doesn't work, then yes, I would think about some of the excellent suggestions above. (Do you feel anything in the room, by the way?)

  17. I wonder if the room could perhaps be changed round,so that your children might not then feel frightened. Good advice given by all here, but having Priest come to bless the room, could be the answer.

    Let us know how things go PM.


  18. Hi Maggie, I have had a similar thing in our house and (long story) but was approached by a local shop to help them as they were having unusual things happening in a children's uniform shop.I am a Reiki Practitioner and if you want I can try to help.Have your girls got dream catchers?I will e mail you hun,Reiki Blessings coming your way,Om shantixxx


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