Monday, 21 January 2013

What a difference a week makes!

Life WAS better when the sun shone but then it became, um..., interesting!

And very white!

It's between four and six inches deep mostly, but other bits are as much as a foot deep (or an arm in this case!) School has been shut, open (briefly) and shut again.

We've been tobogganing...

...we've been silly...

...we've played and wrestled...

...we've icicled...

...and it's showing no signs of leaving.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Life is better when the sun shines

It was feeling almost springlike today as I was giving Pippin her extra food. The poor old thing's still going strong despite having a list of ailments as long as her tail. She loves her extra treats.

We could do with more dry days like today because it's like this pretty much all over the farm - worse in some places. The land just cannot take any more rain. At least it is sloping so the worst of the wet runs off, but put your boot down on even the greenest-looking bit and the answer is squelch.

I love it when the sheep are obedient. Who needs a sheepdog when you can just open the gate and call them? We used the international sheep call sign of here sheepy sheep sheeps and (for once) in they came. The rattling of a feed sack helped, as did the fact that they knew a cosy barn is theirs until after lambing and sheep like nothing better than loafing about indoors with unlimited food. 

Dylan the new ram seems to be quite the charmer and has settled happily into the flock. He had sore feet but a bit of appropriate medicine and the company of his new ladies took his mind off his sore hooves and he's sound again.

Everything we do has spectators. This is Mitch, the bossiest of the cat pack. And no, don't laugh at the "door". It'll get fixed one day. So what if it doesn't quite reach to the floor?! It saves the need for a cat flap.