Monday, 21 January 2013

What a difference a week makes!

Life WAS better when the sun shone but then it became, um..., interesting!

And very white!

It's between four and six inches deep mostly, but other bits are as much as a foot deep (or an arm in this case!) School has been shut, open (briefly) and shut again.

We've been tobogganing...

...we've been silly...

...we've played and wrestled...

...we've icicled...

...and it's showing no signs of leaving.


  1. I love all the frolicking wildlife... and I don't mean the girls. You DO have a lot of snow, don't you? It's almost gone here now - phew!

  2. The delights of the white in the dark of winter. Even the Animals get a bit silly about it. A cue which the Humans could pick up. Hope you keep enjoying the fun.

  3. The dogs seem to be having the most fun of all!
    jealous of your lovey snow.l

  4. You have more snow than us. Love the photo of Itsy playing the loon! Keep warm.

  5. I have been watching your snow with envy, we have not even had a sprinkling here :(, of course the farmers are happy, but please send some up if you get the chance, it looks so much fun.


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