Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A slight technical hitch...

I've had a slight technical fault with my car. This morning the oil fell out and landed in a big shiny puddle on the driveway.

Most inconvenient.

Apparently the oil filter was loose. That would explain the drips of oil on the driveway under the car for the last week. Much-Maligned Husband fixed it, of course, then got to drive it to work by way of a reward (it has a CD player; the other car doesn't.)

The whole scenario, of course, signals the difference between men and women. Men, I'm told (by M-MH) would have spotted the drips of oil and fixed the leak. Women, according to M-MH, would have ignored the leak, hoping that it would 'go away' or 'mend itself'. He is also firmly of the opinion that, had the warning light come on during the school run, I would have carried on driving until the engine seized. Now, I know I'm not that stupid, but it's best if he's kept in the dark about that.

"Why have a dog and bark yourself?" I told him, handing him a jar to open.


So Christmas is nearly upon us. Cinderella and Beach Barbie (aka Hannah and Rosie) have performed their school show three times now. They only had small parts, being at the littlest end of the school, but had a thoroughly good time. Parents and Grandparents sat on tiny little chairs and clapped enthusiastically through the pain of our numbing buttocks. The show ran for two hours as every one of the 103 pupils at the school had to have their moment of fame, but it was two hours of solid entertainment, with some astonishingly talented young performers. We smiled proudly and mopped sentimental tears.

The children are so tired today though after two consecutive evening performances. They were due to have a day off school to recover, by order of the headteacher, but instead they have a seasonal visit by Jane Hutt, Assembly Education minister, so had to be coaxed from their deep slumbers and made smart. There will be a pretence of working at the curriculum which has been abandoned for the last few weeks in favour of show business.

Tomorrow is the big school Christmas party when uniforms are cast aside with the curriculum and the fun starts again. Sion Corn (Santa) is scheduled to visit, perhaps for final confirmation that every one of the children has been most exceptionally good this year.

Back at home the presents are (nearly) all wrapped and the fridge is beginning to fill with the necessities for a seasonal feast. I'm not sure if everything is ready, but for once I'm so full of the spirit of Christmas, that I'm not too worried about anything else. There are a few outstanding bits and bobs, but I haven't got to worry about braving the festive crowds: I've sent M-MH off with a list!


  1. Glad to hear that even an oil spill hasn't dented your Christmas spirit! How's the novel going? (That's a great title by the way)

  2. The car is just one of the pitfalls of multi-tasking, which women are so good at. Men are much more single minded and isn't it a good thing that we compliment each other so perfectly?

    Bravo to your girls. I'm sure it was absolutely precious. Merry Christmas to all there!

  3. The show sounds great. Soon be time to relax?!!

  4. That show sounds really lovely, so glad you enjoyed it. I wouldn't know where to start if anything happened to my car. I can't even change a wheel.

    Crystal xx

  5. Glad the little ones show went well. That's the sort of thing I miss now my girls are grown up.

  6. I enjoyed my granddaughters' (primary) school play, Christmas Carol and loved your line about the uncomfortable seats, I can identify with that!

    Shame they missed their day off because of Jane Hutt's visit.
    Men always blame women for absolutely everything don't they?

  7. I always say if you know of an expert get them to do it...Dear Charlie is NOT an expert with the car and a pre-Xmas bill of £500 proves it!!!!!
    So glad the girls had a lovely albeit exhausting production - I never did them as a child but I do love watching them...

  8. May I use your "Why have a dog and bark yourself?"? That is too good to leave alone!


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