Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Sausages and smiles

Rosie loved her first day at school, of course. She bounced out all smiles, and said: "I had a lovely day mummy. I had sausages, chips, a biscuit and baked beans for lunch."

That was fine then. The lunch lived up to expectations. Today lasagne with garlic bread is on the menu. The garlic bread is famously fabulous. Rosie can't wait. I thought school was about learning. Apparently it's about food.

Hannah came home in a foul temper. All shouty and pokey fingers. I think her nose was 'out of joint' because all the focus was on Rosie. Later we had a bit of a cuddle and I told her stories about our special time together before Rosie was born. How we used to watch 'Story Makers' on CBeebies together and she would join in with Jelly and Jackson saying: "Imadin, imadin, imadin a dory".

It must be hard on the first born. It's all about you, especially if, like Hannah, you were a late baby. We made a big fuss of her, of course. Then Rosie came along, all Shirley Temple curls and a much more contented little thing and suddenly Hannah had to share the limelight. Hannah's been a bit jealous of Rosie spending days with me while she is at school. Hopefully that will wear off a bit now Rosie is at school too.

So, Christmas is over now. We took the tree down on Sunday afternoon, then had hot cross buns as a reward for our hard work. Hannah and Rosie decided they must continue to be good so the Easter bunny brings them lots of chocolate eggs. The presents they had from Santa and everyone else are still in big heaps on the floor, but I can't bring myself to put them away just yet.

The girls had two very special presents from Brian and I, made by fellow Purplecoo-er Country Craft Angel (Debbie). They are gorgeous trinket boxes painted by Debbie with a picture of a Welsh pony on the top.

They are very special because she has only produced another one like them and is sadly not doing any more. Hannah and Rosie loved them and immediately set about looking for treasure to fill them with. Being Christmas they had plenty of chocolate coins to put in them, but I think they're something that they will be filling with little trinkets for years to come.


  1. How lovely the boxes are, and dotn the girls look delighted with them!

  2. I recognised the boxes straight away and thought now I know who she made them for. Lovely indeed.
    Glad the food was as good as expected. And yes school is about learning but taste is a very important sense and needs education like all other senses too (don't get me wrong I don't think YOUR girls need this special education outside their home judging by your other blog)
    And finally YES it's hard to be knocked off the throne of the sole heiress. Suddenly expected to be the more mature one even if you are just three ( or what ever)

  3. Gorgeous pictures. Of course I recognised the boxes immediately, they are without doubt unique and very special, not to mention absolutely beautiful.

    Crystal xx

  4. Ah I recognised the boxes too so lovely to see they have a good home in your lovely girls!

  5. So that's who the boxes were for! Just lovely.
    We used to imagine stories too with Milton Wordsworth. H (almost 8) is mortified now when I strike up 'Imagine, imagine, imagine a stooorieeee!!!'.

  6. Lovely pictures of lovely girls - and great boxes - instantly recognisable! So gald things are going well on the school front. K doesn't start full time until afer Easter. i love the idea of school being all about food - it certainly seems that way when you're little, although I seemed to spend most of my time avoiding it!

  7. What delightful children you have. My eldest went off happily to school on his first day, but was VERY annoyed when he was expected to go again.

  8. Good - glad they both enjoyed being back at school.

  9. Oh lucky girls PM; Those boxes are gorgeous. Now you know food is important to me so i think your daughter shows stilrling good sense in prioritising her education in this way! xx

  10. A nice update on your girls and that first day of school. I'm so glad everything went swimmingly for Rosie. I wonder if they'll remember how very wise and wonderful you and your husband were at presenting those boxes to them on such an important day.

    I'm not a first born, but I remember my sister being very serious about everything and needing to know the most about everything. Perhaps a compensation for being dethroned?

    Such beautiful girls you have. You are so blessed--and so are they to have you!

  11. Lovely lovely boxes and all the more special being made by CCA and of course now out of production.

    If a child is full of good food then they will be much more receptive at school and also grow up appreciating 'proper food' - well that's the theory anyway.

    Hope you got your invitation to the Purplecoo Party ok.

  12. Lovely daughters, PM, and I really like the way that you write about live in those Hills.

    The gift treasure boxes are wonderful. Great that both of your girls can start collecting their "treasures" at young ages. It will be fun for all of you to see what treasure may mean as the years flow past.

    Right now, Happy 2008! xo


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