Sunday, 16 March 2008

Seven things about me...

I have been tagged by Zoe to share seven things, some random, some weird, about myself.

So, here goes.

1. I'm addicted to muesli. My current obsession is Dorset Cereals' 'Berries and Cherries'.

2. I'm ashamed to say that I actually quite fancy David Cameron. *blush*

3. The last trophy I won was for a windsurfing race.

4. I used to be in the territorial army (officer cadet). I'm a pretty good shot with an SA80 rifle and can take a sub-machine gun apart and put it back together again whilst blindfolded.

5. I once whipped my older sister with a riding crop when we were teenagers. She was being an absolute cow and I was armed... (Sorry Jax!)

6. I slammed a door during a teenage row with my Dad. All the glass fell out. For about 30 seconds it was absoloutely glorious, then the sh*t hit the fan!

7. The best thing in life is kissing my beautiful daughters' sleeping faces goodnight.

I'm now supposed to tag up to seven others, but it's difficult to keep up with who has been tagged and who hasn't, so if you'd like to volunteer, please do so now!


  1. No. 6 made me laugh - reminded me of two occasions. Once when my sister threw something heavy at me, I ducked and she broke a glass door and another when my daughter in a strop slammed a glass door and it broke. AND you hit your sister with a crop and can put a gun back together blindfold, reckon we will keep away from you - lol!

  2. EeeeeeeOh! David Cameron! Not my cup of tea.

    Your poor sister whipped with the riding crop, that must have hurt!

    My sister once threw an empty milk bottle at our dad in a rage, it smashed and damaged the pond liner that dad was putting down to make pond........he was furious.........

    Great list, as i read each one it gives me more memories for my liost, but i've done one now as was tagged by WoolyWorks.

  3. Oh the memories of childhood that come back! I threw my satchel at a friend when I was furious.Nowadays children dont have satchels, just enormous carry on bags.

  4. I was about to say you should be ashamed of yourself for fancying David Cameron and then I read the bit about you being a crack shot and thought better of it! Don't want to dodge the bullets whilst in the study... some excuse for not writing though!! (Please note everyone out there this is an entirely facetious comment.)

  5. PS Hmm, the bit about whipping errant sisters with a riding crop is quite tempting - I bit mine which is nearly as bad and I still haven't lived it down!

  6. "the last trophy" - show off! Have never won a trophy ever in my life!! Grrr.

  7. You would get on well with my husband as he is mad on guns,(air guns) taking them to bits etc.

    Perhaps you can get some help with the David Cameron affliction.

  8. Hmmmmm - weapons and shocked......not really, more amused and laughing at the thought of the glass in the door, because I still have a piece of glass in my finger from when I did the same thing at 18!

  9. Oooh, ooh - we have Dorset Cereals (although can't say I'm completely addicted yet...). Hmmm - fancying Dave, though...

    Can just imagine that fabulous calm before the storm of your glass-shattering moment.

    Excellent choices.

  10. Ah hah - if you can take a machine gun apart and put it back together . . .here can you sort this sorry lump of yellow metal out that used to be my chain saw . . .meanwhile I am just going to take all the glass out of the Common Room door . . .sigh.

  11. Well that's a pretty fearsome list! Won't argue with you about Dave, not even from this distance. great choices.

  12. Not really fancying Dave-o, but I can relate to owning your sister. I shaved my sisters head with horse shears... Bad-Bad-Bad....

  13. Loved the one about the door and the one about whipping your sister - once slapped one of mine about the face for throwing my toy rabbit av=cross the room - I was 16 at the time!!! xx

  14. David Cameron - eeek! no sorry however the addiction to muesli I do understand.
    I never won a trophy that I can recall maybe I was 2nd lots of times. I don't think I ever threw anything at my younger brother but I definitely fought with him often with the fury of an angry teenager.

  15. Nooooo - cruel cruel comments.... I'm sort of with you on David Cameron so there you go! Bless his little cycling heart.

    I used to hit myself with a crop (Ok that sounds really odd)....but I was about seven and pretending to be riding a pony....

  16. Come back PM - you are missed!!! Or have you littles on hols? Or perhaps a life....sigh xx


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