Monday, 29 September 2008

An autumn holiday

This was our autumn holiday.

Think mists, think mellow fruitfulness, think SUN!

Think swimming in an outdoor pool, the warm water steaming in the chill of the autumn air, think cycling through leafy glades, leaves drifting down from the canopy above, think SUN!

Think hot chocolate on a misty morning while a doe tiptoes daintily past, think goldcrests, robins and great tits flitting through the branches above, think SUN!

Think tall giraffes, stripy zebras and playful lions, think grumpy tigers, frisky wolves and slightly too close for comfort rhinoceroses, think SUN!

Think beautiful gardens turning golden in the rays, think peaceful river turning into wild water rapids, think happy feet skipping across big flat rocks over a river, think SUN!

Think big glass of Guinness with a thick creamy head sitting in the garden of a pub, think bacon, brie and cranberry stuffed into a warm ciabatta roll, think sitting under an oak tree for shade, think SUN!

Think fragrant apples, russety and rosy, ripening in heavy armfuls, think barbecuing juicy steak in in the dusk as deer rut not three fields away, think hot air balloon rising secretively through mist into the azure sky, think SUN!

Cycling at Center Parcs Longleat

The giraffes 'next door'

Stourhead gardens

The lake at Stourhead

Woods near Tarr Steps, Dulverton, Exmoor

River Barle

Apples (variety unknown) at Petton Cross, Devon

The road home: Hot air balloon in the mist above the Wivesliscombe to Taunton road


  1. What a lovely autumn holiday!
    And the SUN is still happening here-hope it is where you are

    warm wishes

  2. What a perfect holiday. Isnt this sun wonderful!

  3. Oh that sounds like bliss Mags. Next year I'm coming! I love Stourhead in the autumn - so pretty xx

  4. Lucky you with the 'Sun'. We went to Tarr Steps a couple of years ago and it rained, and rained. And then I fell in a bog - lovely! Had to hose off trousers in the shower when got back to the pub...but glad you had fun! Mootia X

  5. That's it. Next time I'm coming on holiday with you! Ps Saw in the common room that you did the Swansea 10k - brilliant, it's one I've always wanted to do but it's always clashed with something else.

  6. EEk was doing well onthe green with envy until you said think Stoar head adn I thought horror movie!! You no dount are too young to remember it!!

    Think sun? Now remind me what that is..

  7. Happy days, lovely pictures. Isn't a bit of sunshine a bonus?

  8. I am thinking of all those directions that you wished my thoughts to go, but also, I am thinking that I will thank you for sharing that lovely holiday with us.


  9. Perfect holiday - sure to go down in family lore.

  10. very sweet - didn't see it coming at all! lovely lovely photos, Mags, too, you ARE clever.

  11. Gorgeous pics, the hol sounds gorgeous too.

  12. Millions of Chinese have used this year's mid-Autumn Festival, which fell on Sunday, to get together with family and loved ones. The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, falls on the 15th day of August on the lunar calendar. It is celebrated in many Asian countries.

  13. Exmoor and Devon is a beautiful escape and also fantastic to visit during the Spring. Earlier this Spring my wife and I stayed at a superb Bed and Breakfast Exmoor and enjoyed some breathtaking walks and scenery.


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