Sunday, 20 December 2009


It only seems like yesterday that it snowed last winter. In fact it was February, but here we go again. Lovely crisp snow that made for very fast toboganning.

But it was short lived. Overnight it rained, then it froze, then it hailed. This morning conditions underfoot on our concrete yard are best described as 'treacherous'.

Even the ponies found this difficult to walk on.

Today's main task was to bring in the lambs for a month or so of extra feeding.

Who needs a sheepdog? Not us!


  1. After several daysd of wodnerful snow this mornign we have thaw and all that the mud it brings with it. Ho hum I was waiting for a white Christmas!

  2. Still have snow here too. You are doing well without a sheepdog by the look of it.

  3. You take care of yourself on all that ice! It will be the same here tomorrow I think as we've had some sleet today which will freeze overnight. Looks like you've got some very handy little sheepdogs right there!

  4. BTW Very well done on the NaNoWriMo! That's some acheivement!!

  5. I love the picture of the sheep herding. And also the reason for that round up.

    We woke this morning in New York to a foot of fresh snow ... except that the snow plows had been scraping the streets at regular intervals throughout the night. All the same, there was still enough beauty to enjoy on a Sunday morning.

    And then. I got to go down to the shop and shovel the snow from the sidewalk in front of our door. Great exercise. Not aching yet!

  6. Just a dusting of snow for us - on top of some lethal ice because we had torrential rain on Saturday night followed by a sharp frost. It is now beautifully sunny - clear blue skies but bitterly cold. Most weather conditions then over the past few days.

    Good to think that from today the days start getting longer again.

  7. It's just thawing out here too. Could have done with it a bit later on when last-minute shopping is out of the way. Never mind, have a good one. x

  8. I can see the snow in the Welsh Hills from here!!

    Well done on the go for it!
    Hope we will maybe meet up in 2010. J has promised to get me over on the train.

    warm wishes to you and yours for a Happy Christmas and 2010

  9. Much the best way to herd sheep that! Have a very Happy Christmas!


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