Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The deafening sound of silence

I don't have a lot to say for myself at the moment, which is unusual. I'm not sure why it is, really. Perhaps it's next week's impending gall bladder scan, perhaps it's the time of year, or perhaps it's the weather?

It isn't as if nothing has been happening. Of course it has snowed quite a lot, then it thawed and then it snowed and thawed all over again. I've been going to work and running and doing all the mundane stuff involved with general day to day living.

It might be because I'm feeling in limbo at the moment - I've been covering for maternity leave at work which might be over in a fortnight's time - or it might not. It's difficult to plan under those circumstances. I think I'll be disappointed when it ends, but also disappointed if it doesn't. I've very much enjoyed being back in my old job subbing the farm pages and the agricultural supplement, but I've let things slide at home. I haven't written anything fiction-wise since I finished NaNoWriMo at the end of November and there are countless little and big jobs to do in the garden and in the house itself.

I'm feeling a little house proud at the moment having splashed out in the sales on a gorgeous leather armchair and a coffee table - both from Laura Ashley - and they've rather raised the tone of the place. What they have also done is highlighted all the other little bits that need doing too - re-painting top to bottom, inside and out, for starters - and I need my three days back to do that sort of thing.

I need a good summer in the garden as well. My polytunnel needs a bit of refurbishment and everywhere is looking a bit flattened and soggy after such an onslaught of snow. I'm itching to get at it all. The seed potatoes and vegetable seeds have arrived and I'm beginning to conquer the disappointment of last year and look forward to this one with some enthusiasm.

So perhaps a bit of quiet is in order for a while longer yet - at least until a few questions have been answered and spring has sprung.

* The picture is of Mido the dog having a bit of a bark. He doesn't often have much to say either and we have had to train him to woof occasionally.


  1. Gosh, splashing out in Laura Ashley - how yummy! If you'd like a practice run you can pop over and paint our house... for free too!

  2. Houses are sadly like that as is life just when you think you have sorted something you realise all you have done is highlighted something else that needs attention! never mind, life goes on and its easier to settle back adn go wiht the flow than fret about it!

  3. Maybe it would help to think of yourself and your garden as finishing up a bit of hibernation- resting quietly and saving up energy for the seasons ahead. One day soon, you will wake to find energy and enthusiasm have returned and you can't wait to get started.

    I think that sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and that the holiday season sort of jars the winter slumber with a bit of frenzy. Impossible to sustain and leaving such an emptiness once it has past. Also, it's difficult to have snow for weeks on end when you're not used to it- everything is harder.

    So take a break in your new chair, plan your garden and wait for your spring work schedule. And pat that lovely dog.

  4. Ll Lins: I'll help you do yours if you help me do mine! You're welcome to come and have a coffee on the new table too!
    Her at home: That's the trouble with new stuff, it shows up the old stuff. Never mind, it won't be new for long!
    Blackbird: You're right, this is the perfect time for planning; sometimes things just have to wait.

  5. Nothing looks good at this time of year and things seem to show up in stark relief. The days are getting longer and they are definitleu getting warmer - I'm starting to run again and boy is it good! It must be getting better...

  6. Tattie: It does seem to be getting better doesn't it and things always feel better after a good run!

  7. You sound much like me Mags, desperate to get on with things, but not quite able to yet. I never get too disappointed about teh garden going wrong as it is a work in progress and I have usually enjoyed the trying! There's always the next time. Spring is great for planning isn't it? enjoy your bit of silence while you can xx

  8. It's a frustrating time of year when you can see the jobs piling up - but can't get outdoors to do them or find the time to tackle major projects like redecoration.

    Be patient if you can.

  9. I do so identify with this feeling: disappointed if it ends and disappointed if it continues. I am just going to start earning a bit of money again. I am torn between liking using my work head again and really wanting not to lose my house and garden time. Laura Ashley too! how posh and how lovely.

  10. Ooooooohh - there's posh you are now, shopping at Laura Ashley! I know what you mean though - smarten one bit up and the rest looks shabby!

    I found it hard to get my writing head going in January - partly the snow and partly, well, just switched off I suppose.

    I actually got out in the garden today, as it felt so much warmer and almost - dare I say it - like spring . . .

  11. Back again, and wondering if you would like to join in a "My favourite song" meme which I've just taken part in.


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