Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Once more unto the beach...


  1. yep its that time of year again!

  2. Oh, how I envy people who live close enough to pop down to the seaside on a regular basis. Trips down to the sea again invariably involve much packing up of the car and consulting of maps - enjoy!

  3. We also live fairly near the sea! And you are not that far away from me.
    I would hate to have to travel miles to get there to a beach.
    I am going to have a little browse round your lovely blogs while I am here.
    We both have the same name and both of us are the year of the horse. I wonder what else we share.
    Many thinks for visiting me.

    Nuts in May

  4. God I love the beaches by you so much. I'm going to dig out some pictures of my girls with their body boards soon in your honour.

  5. Lovely!
    Reminds me of our day out last year at Harlech. (I'm also in Wales).


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