Friday, 6 April 2012

Pie, princess pony and hot cross buns

The week started with a pie. I'm not much of a pastry maker really (I'm more of a bread person) but I occasionally have the whim to make a pie. The pastry recipe I use is Delia Smith's cheese pastry from the turkey flan with leeks and cheese recipe in the first of her Christmas books. That pie is known as Boxing Day pie in this house and the pastry is for the underneath crust but it works just as well as a lid too. The inside of this pie was Sunday's leftover roast chicken dinner and gravy. H10, R8 and I ate the exclamation mark and the right hand end. Brian ate the P, the I and the E and everything around it. Men love pies.

The postman arrived with a big surprise this week too. H10 avidly enters all of the competitions in her Pony magazine and this time she won. She had to complete a tie-breaker which was to say what she would call a book about Exmoor ponies. Her answer was 'Exmoor the merrier' and her prize was this bright pink Katie Price Equestrian rug for Itsy.

These two spend lots of time together and are best friends. Now they are even starting to dress alike. Neither has heard of Katie Price but both think the rug is very lovely.

It's definitely a rug fit for a pony princess.

Itsy looks very glamorous in it.

I think she likes the monogram!

It's hot itchy work being a pony princess.

That's better!

Today is Good Friday so I made some hot cross buns in honour of the day (and to continue my slow but sure progress in baking all of the recipes in the River Cottage Bread book). R8 doesn't like dried fruit so instead I added 100g of dark chocolate chips and orange (in the form of a tablespoon of my recently made marmalade) to the mixture, forgetting that the warm milk I added at the same time would melt the chocolate.

What we had instead was dark chocolate and orange hot cross buns. Delicious hot from the oven spread with butter and homemade marmalade. Happy Easter!


  1. Mags, I loved that post. Delia's first Christmas book is still a big fave of ours. Lovely xx

  2. Oh well done H! I think Itsy makes an absolutely PERFECT Princess Pony and she obviously approves of her new rug (I always had her down as a Pink Person!) I like H's colour co-ordinated top too. I'm smiling at Itsy HAVING to have a roll afterwards : )

  3. Choc and orange buns sound great and much better than standard hot x buns. Was up your way the other day, walking on the hills - and noticed there was snow on Thursday after the storms - how fickle is our weather!

  4. Just catching up and yummy is all I can say, that pie looks delicious. Loved your horse photography my eldest has now cancelled her Horse magazine subscription :-(....she has outgrown it, but will never ever out grow her horses :-)

  5. Wow, that pie seems big enough to feed the community. How delicious all your cooking looks. And Itsy looks beautiful in pink, well done H10.


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