Monday, 25 March 2013

Inside we're blooming!

The UK isn't quite all covered in snow at the moment - despite how it might appear from the news reports! We've got sunshine today, although it's still pretty cold outside - and a houseful of yellow pot mums. Mum took advantage of an offer to give a good home to a bargain quantity of beautiful blooms from Wiggly Wigglers and a spectacularly huge boxful of blooms arrived on Friday. There are tulips, alstomeria, smoke bush and seven bunches of chrysanthemums. The only vessel suitable for conditioning the flowers was the bath and they filled it with their loveliness while I dug vases out of cupboards. Every room now has a burst of sunny yellow and the house smells like a florists. It's lovely. Spring may not quite have sprung outdoors just yet, but inside we're blooming!

NOTE: Just wanted to add a link to Wiggly Wigglers: and to mention the fact that their flowers are British - direct from the farm in Herefordshire. They sell their own home grown bird food too which our lucky Pembrokeshire birds are busily scoffing.


  1. What a lovely sight on a Monday morning!

  2. WOW, definitely bringing the sunshine in. How lovely. xxx

  3. Bloomin' wonderful, I'd say. Great start to Monday morning, as Chris noted.

  4. Those are really cheery. Could do with a splash of colour like that

  5. One good thing about this endless winter is that the jollier-coloured flowers seem more lovely than ever. Off to google Wiggly Wigglers now....

    1. I meant to put a link in - thanks for the reminder, I've added it now. xx


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