Monday, 21 October 2013

Already Autumn!

Honestly there never seems to be time to blog these days - it all has to do with starting a business, of course, so my energies tend to be focussed in that direction. I've just written it a blog, so click here to catch up on all things Magatha Bagatha.

Meanwhile life continues on its relentless rush. Christmas is looming on the horizon (did I hear someone say it was something like 10 Saturdays away? It doesn't seem enough!)

Itsy and H11

In a nutshell, summer happened, we've been riding Itsy (H11 and I), Bullseye has been very poorly but thankfully pulled through and we lost a beloved guinea pig (Patchy) so had to obtain two more (Tufty and Shadow) to keep Fudge company.


Fudge (centre) with Tufty (left) and Shadow

In sadder news we lost Brian's lovely Uncle Mel last week. We called him Uncle Honey (as mel is Welsh for honey). He was such a lovely, big-hearted man, devoted to his family and his garden (and he had the best lawn my bare toes have ever had the pleasure of wriggling in). We will miss him. The funeral is on Wednesday, so Brian is making the journey over to Whittlesey to help give him a good send off.

Then on Thursday it's back to the hospital again, but this time in Cardiff, for the next level of consultant to have a look at H11's spine. This was an unexpected summons (our previous local appointment had been more reassuring) so we're all rather nervous.

In all it's a busy week and I'm looking forward to the weekend which is the start of half term and (hopefully) the pace of life will ease off, just a little.


  1. 10... oh no really and yikes. I shall have to start ordering goodies from you immediately!

    So sorry to hear about Uncle Honey and fingers crossed for the hospital visit and that you get some good and constructive news about H11's spine...

    I don't know how you manage to fit it all in - I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

  2. Fingers crossed about H11's spine. Such a summons would bound to be a worry. Sorry to hear about Uncle Honey too - the best are always taken soonest.

    Seeing Itsy and H11 so happy have brought tears to my eyes. Give Itsybits a big hug from me please. I hope Bullseye is completely better again soon too.

  3. Yes, it must be getting on to Christmas. We had a blizzard here last night; the ground is still littered with several inches (or centimetres) of snow flakes.

    Seems that you've had a fair amount of troubling news. Uncle Mel and Patchy gone, Bullseye doing poorly (he looks a bit rough in the photo). Now another consultation about H11's spine. I wish you and her well on that one!

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Maggie!


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