Thursday, 26 April 2007

Chaos and courgettes

Chaos reigns – inside at least. Yesterday Mum and I trekked to IKEA in Cardiff to buy phase one of the new kitchen – three much bigger tall, slim cupboards to replace three small short, fat cupboards and a set of rickety shelves.

Brian made a good start on building it while I was out at Cylch Meithrin’s AGM last night, but it’s quite a big job. Now, instead of a moderately untidy kitchen I have complete and utter chaos and it’s only phase one! Oh well, you can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs. Not that I can make an omelette at the moment – I can’t find the pan or the eggs!

Today is a lovely sunny day. Rosie has been at Cylch Meithrin in her wellies hunting for mini beasts in the field behind the community hall. Apparently they found a ‘beekle’ or two, but couldn’t find any worms.

Hannah has been at home ‘helping’ (her description) me to pot up the courgettes (pictured). The poor thing has a virus, which means she’s mostly okay, but coughs and coughs as soon as she exerts herself. She is also off her food and has lost loads of weight, so she’s now a very skinny five-year-old which is a bit of a worry (and is my excuse for buying her chocolate, as that’s one of the things she will eat.)

While Hannah was being distracted by grandma, I managed to plant my Flamingo F1 cucumber seeds at last after delaying as long as I dared. Last year I was a bit too eager, planted them far too early and lost the lot to frost. This year I have all my fingers and toes crossed and they are in a polytunnel within the polytunnel, so they shouldn’t get frost bite this year (but I worry they’ll be too warm. Why is life never simple?) I also potted up the tomatoes. This year I’m growing trusty old Gardener’s Delight and, new to me, Brandywine, which has large pink fruits and is supposed to have the best flavour of all.

Today is a fruit day, according to my planting by the moon calendar, so this afternoon I plan to plant peas (purple, mangetout and ordinary), squashes (butter and uchiki kuri), broad beans, French beans (yellow, purple and borlotti) and sweetcorn. Well, that’s the plan…


PICTURES (left to right):

Today’s potted up courgettes. Four varieties: Dark green Nero Di Milano; light green Genovese; stripy Costa Romanesque and bright yellow Soliel.

The sheep sleeping in the shade of the old Land Rover.

Kingcups on the Moor.


  1. Talk about chaos - the pictures are wonky and are not 'left to right'. I haven't got the hang of this yet! Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments on my previous blog. I thought I would miss the 'other place' but this is so much better! I love reading all the blogs, which is why I only have time to blog twice a week! Mags.

  2. OK tellme you do realise the sheepare infact not sheltering buttrying to find thier way into teh gap in he engine behind the headlamps don'tyou? We ahd a cat that did that... I wrote a blog about it a little while ago. last week I think.. just post revolution...I love sheep. I have fond memories of wealking in for and turning sheepwho had fallen onto thier backs and were stuck inruts up teh right way again.. They never said thankyou!


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