Thursday, 26 April 2007

Oh dear!

I'm in trouble with everyone (it seems). We have (unfortunately) very near neighbours who share our drive. In the sunny spell recently one of them did their common practice of putting plasticky stuff on their kitchen fire. It drifted stinkily in our direction. Our house filled with smoke, the children had to come in from the garden and we had to run around shutting doors and windows (on a very hot day).

I. Was. Extremely. Cross.

So I contacted the Environmental Health Department.

Who took it Very Seriously.

And Wrote A Letter.

Neighbour has just been to 'tackle' Mum over it. She said, quite rightly, it wasn't her. He thinks (therefore) it was Brian and said he will Tackle Brian about it 'later'. He said he knows it was Brian, because Brian is 'peculiar'.

Brian (who is definitely NOT peculiar, but might now be classed as 'grumpy') knows it was me, of course. So I'm now in trouble with Mum, Brian and (undoubtedly) the neighbours too when they find out.

But I'm unrepentant. The burning has stopped (save for some burning paper - presumably the council's letter). The burning of plastic is illegal - it releases carcinogenic compounds and dioxins which I didn't want my little girls to breathe. Surely we should be allowed clean air in our own home and garden? Or is that 'peculiar'?

Neighbour thinks we are 'peculiar' because we object to him blocking the driveway (owned by us) so we cannot get in and out of our property. I don't think we'll ever see eye to eye.

Hopefully, one day, all this will blow over (and I can come out of the dog house).


  1. hopefully he will choke on his own plastic I am so glad we don't ahveneighbours anymore!!

  2. Oh no not Neighbours! We find it easier to move every eighteen months - mind you in Suffolk the next lot are usually related to the last ones!

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  4. Oh god poor you, we suffered for ages with fires from a local place. The ash and smoke drifted miles and we could hardly breathe. Stopped now thankfully. You did the right thing. Surely clean air is a right!

  5. We have a neighbour who is a pyromanaic - 2 bonfires daily with as much plastic on as he can find! And then he reported me to Environmental Health because the cockerel crows! Best of it is he doesn't even sleep at home - he's got a girlfriend and stays there!


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