Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A better day

Well the visit to the solicitor couldn't have been more satisfactory. She showed us our deeds and all the legal documents associated with them and it seems we have been right all along.

Our neighbour is not allowed to assume ownership of our side of the hedgebank and must stop his boundary in the middle, as is the local custom. He must remove the lean-to shed he has built on our side of the boundary too. The soliticor is going to write a letter to that effect.

Even more interesting, given 'C's assertion on Sunday that we 'only have right of access over the driveway', was the fact that not only do we own the driveway, there is no legal document giving them the right of way over it. They really haven't got a leg to stand on.

As I sit at my desk typing this I can hear 'B', just a few yards away, cutting the hedge. He waited until Brian went to work, presumably to avoid another altercation, which is sensible. But it is making me very tense. My mouth is dry, my heart is racing and my skin is going all clammy. It feels really uncomfortable. He's really revving the hedgetrimmer in a very aggressive and quite unnecessary manner. He has a weak heart, I hope he doesn't overdo it. And I have just survived an encounter with 'C' in the library van. No words were exchanged. At all. I can live with that.

Now we wait for the letter from the solicitor to arrive. We are going to pass on a copy of it to our neighbours, with a covering letter. It will not make them happy, but they have driven us to this point.

Brian has been talking about this problem at work, of course, and one of his uniformed colleagues has offered to come and have an advisory chat with both parties. I don't think our neighbours have noticed that Brian works at Police HQ now, they probably think he's still a journalist. That isn't going to make them very happy either, especially as 'B' already has a criminal record for dishonesty. But if it means we can step out of our house without fearing an uncomfortable confrontation, then it's a step I'm prepared to take.


Otherwise life is carrying on as normal. The girls are going to school as usual and they finish on Friday for half term. We have hair cuts planned for this afternoon and the school photographer is coming tomorrow for the annual 'look how they've grown!' Christmas card picture.

Brian has hacked off all the tiles in the bathroom in record time which was a real stress-buster apparently. And he has located where the damp is coming in, so the walls aren't going to look very pretty for a while until the damp is cured. Luckily we have chosen a roll top bath with feet, so it's moveable when the time comes to fix the tongue and groove to the walls. The new suite arrives tomorrow and I can't wait to have a bath in a full length bath, not a corner one. I shall get a lovely glass of wine, light a few candles and lock the door!

PS: Thanks to everyone for their lovely supportive comments. It really means a lot to me. My self confidence was rather battered after Sunday and it is nice to know that I have so many on my side. xx PM


  1. Just read your previous blog, what dreadful neighbours, hope they get their comeuppance. Good luck!

  2. Still sending you the very best of wishes that it will soon be sorted and you can get on with your lives in peace.

  3. So glad your visit to the solicitor went well. I hope it's put your mind at rest somewhat after a rather difficult Sunday. I have to consider myself extremely lucky as our nearest neighbours are over a mile away, across the fields. However, some neighbours are a godsend, I know, especially when it comes to looking after the house etc!

    A roll top bath - luxury! Enjoy yourself.

    Crystal xx

  4. I can feel the relief dripping from you. Am very pleased to read a postive outcome after the last horrors. So idiotic of B&C to push it to these limits and then to be in the wrong! "offensive" enough if they had had a legal leg to stand on. They'll be sick as parrots to get The Letter, and yes, get the bobbies to stroll on round - extremely irritating for them to have you hobnobbing with the right side of the law. Onwards and upwards.

  5. Definitely go with the police follow up. How awful for you to live in such trepidation. hope all goes well.

  6. Just read the two blogs together. You have my deepest sympathy...there is nothing like a neighbour dispute to stress you out. We received solicitors letters from our 'Mr Nasty' earlier in the year and i fought back like a wild thing because he was trying to bully me! I wrote back to his solicitors myself and informed them of their client's actions and to date I have not heard another word! I hear he is now going to start on the removing of a tree saga AGAIN so I shall have another fight soon!
    Just dont let it take over your life because boy oh boy it can do just that!

  7. So glad to hear this, you must be mighty relieved! The fact that they are so clearly in the wrong is good in one way but unbelievable in another. Def. agree with Milla that the sight of uniformed men could be quite helpful.

  8. Glad to hear you sounding so much happier but still a difficult situation for you. the visit from a police liaison type sounds a good idea. hope it all goes well.

  9. YESSSSSS! thumping the air
    Uniformed friends are so useful use them xxxx

  10. Hi PM - I've just read this and your previous blog. What a time you've sorry to hear about the stress. It is awful to have bad neighbours and yours sound like horrors. I hope that the lawyer's letter and a visit by a uniform will help you - but just remember that you are in the right and that they are just plain nasty!

  11. Good, I do hope they leave you alone and find something else to put their excess energies into.


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