Saturday, 8 November 2008

Four legged friends

So, exactly where am I? What is this place? Who lives here?

Ooooh look! I can see three new friends!

Look at me! I'm GORGEOUS!

Do you wanna be in my gang? Bullseye (grey, foreground); Pippin (aka The Boss, behind Bullseye); Maisie (visiting Exmoor) and Isty (dark bay, extravagant tail) start to get to know each other.

Itsy examines potential riders from head to toe. Hannah (blonde, aged six) and Rosie (brunette, aged four).

How lucky are we? We have been fortunate in being chosen as a new home for Itsy, a devastatingly pretty cob mare. She's 13.1hh and is the perfect addition to our little pony herd. She was owned by fellow blogger Bovey Belle who has written a little about Itsy on her lovely blog Codlins and Cream.

Itsy arrived on Friday and is settling in well. The other ponies were, understandably, astounded to find a new pony in their midst, but there was no animosity and I'm sure they'll be firm friends in a day or two. Itsy has a posh snuggly rug to keep her warm and dry, which caused some consternation among Pippin, Bullseye and Maisie when we put it on last night, but I think today they are all a bit envious of her extra layer.

Itsy is magnificently well-behaved, easy to box and catch (Pippin and Bullseye take note!) and is quite, quite gorgeous. At the moment she's a bit like a glamorous film star amongst a herd of hicks from the sticks. I think Pippin, Bullseye and Maisie will have to raise their game a little!


  1. Bovey Belle here - and I am absolutely grinning with delight that my darling girl has fetched up in such the perfect home, where she'll be happy and hugged! Lovely to see some close up action shots - the zoom on my little digital camera is fairly dreadful so she was always the speck on the horizon!

  2. Pretty little pony, she looks so good tempered.

  3. Lots of happy faces and swishy tails there... it looks a lot nicer over yours (or is that just wishful thinking in the current circumstances?!) then it does here! Hope the new girl settles in quickly - she's looks as if she will.

  4. I'm sure she will be loved to pieces by here new companions - animal and human. She's gorgeous.

  5. ABsolutely gorgeous, your new arrival Mags.

  6. She is a stunner and the others are very lovely too! Hope she settles in well.

  7. Just following Itsy's story over here! It looks as though she's going to make a lovely addition to the group - they all look so excited! Isn't it funny watching them interact for the first time?!
    Willow x

  8. Hi Mags, I am a friend of Boveybelle's too, and followed the link here to see Itsy's new home. She looks so happy, and I know jennie is over the moon at finding such a good home for her.a happy ending all round, well done to all involved!

    Leanne x


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