Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Oops, I did it again!

Phew! Another November and another novel is born. This one is 50,061 words (last year I 'won' with 50,005 words) and once again is a wonderful collection of complete and utter rubbish.

Why do I love doing NaNoWriMo so much? Probably the complete and utter freedom of being able to write absolute rubbish, but also the joy of watching a story unfold and the characters take over and dictate to me how the story should go. Why for example did that character steal those files in chapter six? Oh I see, to give to him in chapter nine. Clever. Nothing to do with me though; I only do the typing.

Anyway it's all over for another year. I'll do it again next year, of course. I'm an addict!

Now, I have to get over the PND - post novel depression. Then there's the small matter of visitors on Saturday, all of whom need Christmas presents and one even needs a birthday present. On Sunday I have to organise a fifth birthday party with bouncy castle and party bags for R4(nearly 5) and 25 of her closest friends. On Monday have to fashion a pony using the miracle of sponge cake and chocolate butter cream ready for the Big Day on Tuesday when R4 actually does become R5.

Before all of that I have to clean a house that has not been cleaned at all for a month, iron ironing that has been sitting in baskets for a month, do Christmas shopping, write cards, put up the decorations...

Writing a novel in 25 days? It's a doddle. It's real life that's hard.


  1. WELL DONE!! Sheesh! What an achievment - not once but twice. I think everyone should be running round after you after all that hard work!

  2. Well done from me too. Perhaps you'll start another as an escape from the daily grind...

  3. Totally agree - sod normality get back to the book writing.
    Congratulations on your latest 'offspring'

  4. Well done Mags. I like the idea of it all just progressing without any real plan. After all, it worked for Dickens a time or two xx

  5. I think this is just downright amazing.
    I would be delighted with myself if I managed to write half of that but the chances of a half baked idea that I will winning out over the garden are slim.
    You have earned a bit fat reward I think!

  6. I just don't know how you do it....not once but TWICE??? I didn't ever bother this year....knew would just end in more failure.
    Big congrats! jxxxx

  7. Whew!! What a month you've had - but by the sounds of it the novel was just a rehearsal for all that's expected in birthday, Christmas, baking.........It's a good thing you can multi-task!
    I loved your previous blog - your running route. It's so much fun to see where someone spends her every day life!

  8. Congratulations - where on earth do you get the energy - of course all that running! As you can see I have been catching up! Do hope Itsy has settled down - she does look lovely indeed!
    Now which files were they?

  9. Hearty congrats - you put the rest of us to shame. But we seriously need a picture of the cake.

  10. I am in awe - I bow down at your novel-writing prowess. Very very clever, and determined and focussed thing to do.
    And a cake shaped like a pony? This I must see (I'll be in touch should I ever get a commission!)


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