Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Pony cakes

Okay. By popular demand (well, two people have asked!) here are my pony cakes, last year's and this year's. Not great works of art, admittedly, but made with love more than any particular artistic flair.

Technical notes. Both were made from an eight inch chocolate sponge cake. This year's had added ground almonds, because I felt like it (3 eggs, weigh eggs, same weight of each of very soft butter, caster sugar and self raising flour. Remove three tablespoonfuls of flour and replace with one tablespoon of cocoa powder and two tablespoons of ground almonds).

Last year's icing was ordinary chocolate butter icing, following the recipe on the icing sugar packet. This year's was Brian's chocolate spice cake icing, which is delicious. He had to make it because the recipe is top secret and I'm not allowed to have it. It can only be passed on to a bloodline C., so H6 and R5 will get the recipe one day. Huh.

The mane, carrots, apple etc are coloured marzipan, because we all love marzipan and hate sugar paste.

That's it really. The recipient was delighted. We all made absolute pigs of ourselves eating it (is there anything better than chocolate icing?) and we argued over who got the biggest carrot.

Will R5 want another pony cake for her 6th birthday? I have a horrible feeling that she will!


  1. Those pony cakes are absolutely fabulous. If I had been anywhere near them, the carrots would have been mine, all mine

    I have never seen any cakes like these and think that you have created wonders, wonders to be admired, and then gobbled up.


  2. How wonderful! These are delightful. I'm surprised you haven't been inudated with orders from the rest of the pony clubs mums.
    Carrots are MINE Frances! And am prepared to do battle! I adooore marzipan.

  3. You've definitly started something for your two. Of course they'll want them again - they are gorgeous cakes. What a nice mum you are and what lovely memories you're making.
    PS I'll have a marzipan carrot, please!

  4. They are wondeful Mags. All that love you have put into them must make them taste great. xx

  5. These are just gorgeous! I would have been in there arguing for the last carrot myself.

  6. how fantasic are they? Well done!

  7. Who's a clever girl then?
    They are wonderful-bet the girls love them!

    Was it really a year ago that I was painting those little jewellery boxes??...

    have a good Christmas and best wishes to you and yours.

    Maybe get to meet you in 2009!


  8. What fabulous cakes! Well Done. My most successful birthday cake was the Volcano (complete with plastic dinosaurs on the slopes) - stuffed with Bicarb, it exploded when you poured vinegar into the crater.

    Hope Itsy has settled in well. Collecting daughter no. 2 tomorrow and we'd love to come and visit early in the New Year if possible.

  9. Hello PM,

    I have the same this year with my tree, only gold, white and clear.

    I love the wonderful pictures you have posted for us, and that birthday cake is fab.!

    Oh my goodness, I have a feeling I have forgot your daughter's birthday in early December, sooo sorry PM, hope your daughter had a lovely day with that special cake.



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