Monday, 25 May 2009

What ice cream tastes like...

I said in my Saturday post that R5 and I were off to paint "what ice cream tastes like" and this (above) was her response.

She then moved onto an elephant.

Next a picture of her guinea pig Patchy. Then she had a bit of a 'moment' because it did not look like Patchy 'in real life', so we did this one between us, below, to learn to be a bit looser with painting and not so rigidly drawn to life-like pictures. (It's a flower garden, by the way, with a pond and rocks.)


  1. I can taste the ice cream - strawberry sauce I thing; I like the pink square. I also like Patchy, especially his face and feet.

    Quite a nice thing to do with kids so they 'loosen up' is to draw with a candle (not too much) and then wash paint over - John Piper used to use this technique a lot too, so good company.

  2. These are impressive. What a great idea btw.

  3. They are all good. Love the garden one.

  4. Great pictures, by coincidence the boss was just eating some ice cream.

    I didn’t get any unfortunately :-(

    Wizz :-)

  5. Tom would really approve of the last one, but they're all fab - and I love the guinea pig!


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