Thursday, 14 May 2009

Written in the stars...

Virgo (May 14th 2009) from "Whatever projects you've been working on, Maggie, perhaps job-related, perhaps personal enterprises, are apt to finally come to a head at this time. Success is definitely in the wind, along with a marked increase in income and acknowledgment from those who matter. This of course is going to boost your confidence, not to mention your mood. You might already be fired with plans for new trails to blaze. Try to stay down to earth. You won't want to miss anything!"

The only thing missing from today's stars is the tall, handsome stranger.

'Projects I've been working on...' Well nine different literary agencies currently have the synopsis and the first three chapters of Book One, so...

Oh, but 'perhaps job-related...' That might refer to the fact that I'm about to return to work after seven and a half years of maternity leave... 'Perhaps personal enterprises...' oh, but that would be The Book then...

'Success is definitely in the wind...' Oh, I like that bit. Lots.  '...Along with a marked increase in income...' that would be bloody marvellous right now, although my part-time job is not richly paid, it is better than not being paid, so perhaps that's the 'marked increase in income...'

'This, of course, is going to boost your confidence...' You bet your bottom it is... 'Not to mention your mood...' Well I'm feeling happier already.

'Try to stay down to earth...' Er, no... 'You won't want to miss anything...' True, but I can see perfectly well from up here, thanks.

Do I believe all this? Not really, but it does make me feel absurdly happy and a little hopeful. If it said: "Oi, loser, this is going to be a crap day, you'll step in dog poo, walk around with your skirt tucked in your knickers, lose £20, get rained on, crash the car and have a huge row with your nearest and dearest," then it might be closer to the truth, but I might not get out of bed at all.

I do avidly read horoscopes though. According to Neil Spencer in the Observer this year us Virgos might have a "sudden willingness to throw over a boorish hubby or Stepford wife in favour of a charismatic eco warrior or rock poet". This sounds great, in theory, or rather it sounds great in fantasy. But, given that there are 12 signs of the zodiac, one 12th of the population will be Virgo, so will there be enough eco warriors and rock poets to go around?

Back to today, though, and Russell Grant says I shouldn't be "too quick to turn down an invitation to travel". Apart from the fact that I am skint and my passport has expired. Jonathan Cainer, meanwhile, says I am "a conductor not a composer". No, I don't really know what that means either.

Oh well. I'll amble around for the rest of the day, hoping for 'success in the wind' and a 'marked increase in income'. I may even do some fantasy shopping in my head with that 'income'... but are we talking Porsche? Or new wellies?


  1. I know what you mean about not really believing horoscopes, after all, they are so generalised aren't they and surely all the good things/bad things aren't going to happen to everyone under that particular sigh? However, like you say, if you read something positive, whilst not believing it of course, it does lift the mood, give you hope. But to read a good thing, you might have to read a negative one as well, and that too, if you let it (and that's the important thing to remember) will drag your mood down. I do crystal dowsing, and if it turns out that I get the answer I am hoping for, I am elated. If not...well, you know where I'm going with that! Thanks for the positive and lovely comments on my blog, better than any old 'good' horoscope for lifting the spirits. If it helps, I really like yours as well! I am orf to do my other blog now.

  2. Of course I meant SIGN, not SIGH....

  3. Thank you for that, fellow Virgo. I was thinking that we were in the middle of another one of those Mercury retro moments!


  4. Nothing wrong with a bit of positive writing and hopefully yours will pay off soon. Love the sound of the income hike! x

  5. Good! I hope some of it rubs off on me when we meet up! really looking forwards to hearing more about the job. Well done!

  6. Good luck with the income hike. You're not standing for Parliament, are you?

  7. Hi I Not sure where to put this.. in reference to you kind post on my blog we have clay cap too as wellas the chalk and that iss also very dry.. but since you posted, we've had some rain..

  8. Yippee, I am Virgo too so maybe some good fortune also coming my way? I am just the same, I manage to both believe and not believe, depending on how encouraging the forecast!


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