Saturday, 1 August 2009


'Flowers' by H7

H7: “School does better burgers than you.”

Me: “I don’t do burgers.”

H7: “I know, but if you did, school would do better ones than you would.”

H7 to R5: “Stop saying "hand"! It’s like you’re trying to hypnotise me with the word hand.”

H7: “You know people go up to heaven? Well they can come out again, but they’re not alive.”

Story by R5:

One a pona taim The’r wos a litel grl cold Rosie Augd 5

Livd wedd hur Big sistr Hannah wos 7

They bowth livd wedd The’r mum

The’r mum coced fish

The End


  1. Love the pictures and words! Almost makes me long for my lovely grown up children to be little again.

  2. Oh this is lovely - pics and words; and I love the burger anecdote.

  3. So sweet. Sorry to hear your (not)burgers aren't as good as school. The artwork is cool.

  4. Ohhhhhh your girls have talent. I loved the 'hypnotising' statement. Brilliant.

  5. The heaven saying does it for me...

  6. Oh my dear - they have a way with words already don't they?!!! Love the story and the illustrations.

    I have somehow managed to come back off holiday (house/pony/dog/cat sitting in the New Forest) with more books than I took to give back to people/give away. Oh dear . . . decluttering is so difficult!


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