Monday, 9 November 2009

Catching up

October was such a busy month - actually the rest of the year is shaping up to pass by in a total blur - and I haven't had time to write all the blogs I've wanted to, so here's a bit of a catch up.

Half term wasn't all films - we were out and about too. One visit was to Anna Ryder Richardson's Manor House Wildlife Park near Tenby. We've been following the development of this place since a celeb moved in and eventually curiosity got the better of us and we went for a look. Star of the show was Lisa the Gibbon swinging effortlessly up into the very tips of the trees. We sort of 'got' what Anna R. R. is about having been - she's into conservation and keeping the animals as 'free' as possible. It's a nice place and well worth a visit.

We spent Halloween at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. I've lost count how many times we've been there this year. This time we found the tardis in the Great Glasshouse. The next Dr Who episode The Waters of Mars was filmed there and I - I mean the kids - can't wait to see it.

H7 and R5 found that their witches costumes blended in nicely with the autumnal colours in the garden.

We were very taken with this greenhouse made out of plastic bottles. It was really warm inside. I don't often drink anything out of a plastic bottle, though, so I can't see us making one.

Back at home H7 and R5 got ready to trick or treat Granny in the Annexe, who was suitably 'scared'.

Bonfire night was a bit of a wash out as H7 was poorly. We did have a firework or two in the garden the following night, but it was raining. Much more fun was a spot of brightdancing - two big glow sticks and a long shutter speed (10 seconds) on the camera.

Happy days!


  1. We used to love Manor House when it was homely and quirky - not so sure now that ARR owns it. And last time we took Dylan tao zoo he was SO bored; just wanted to see trains!

    But we must go to the botanic gardens - we went when it first opened and the boys were a bit nonplussed but it looks much better now

  2. I too loved the botanic gardens and have to write a magazine article on them some time soon. The plastic bottle greenhouse was amazing - I wonder if you could ask friends and acquaintances to save their bottles?

  3. Wow, I so know what you mean about the time speed.

    That photo of your two little witches with the Tardis is a classic! Perhaps in a few years, that episode will play on my tv, and I will recognize the scene.

    The building made of plastic bottles took me on a bit of a time trip. I once visited friends of the friend, who was then driving the car, who were living in a similar little edifice up in the very cold state of Maine. It was rather amazing. Think that this was in the early 1980's. I got the feeling that the male member the resident couple was more enthusiastic about this housing than was the female.

    Ah, memories! xo

  4. Lovely catch up MAgs. Didn't realisn't realise Anna RR had a park at all. Love the pictures of the girls x

  5. What really excellent witches! Looks like you had a very busy and enjoyable half term. T used to work at the Botanic Gardens, and I have to confess that is the only time I've seen them as DH is NOT a gardener and it's not much fun trotting round on your own . . .

  6. The girls look very fetching in their costumes and you all seem to have had a good time. Hope H is on the mend now... I seem to be coming out the other side of the lurgy at last.

    Well done on your word count - brilliant. Off to vote for your blog.

  7. I tried making a plastic bottle cold frame a couple of years ago. Didn't work but i think I was doing something wrong. Was too drafty and kept falling over.

  8. What well-dressed Witches, and all lit up, too.

  9. The grils look fantastic and the photos are just amazing! Now I will have to get to see teh botantial Gardens when I'm up in the Summer - hoping for three weeks this time so I might catch some good weather....


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