Sunday, 22 November 2009

Normal service will shortly be resumed...

Things are a little busy here at the moment. I'm NaNoWriMoing for a start and that is proving more difficult than in previous years as I'm working three days a week. Actually I'm beginning to resent work because it eats so much into the time I used to spend day dreaming and not doing very much. I miss that time.

This past week, for example. Last Saturday I dragged myself out for a 6.5 mile run, which turned out to be a big paddle through deep floods (18 inches at their deepest) and more of a battle with the elements than flinging along like a gazelle.

Sunday saw me on a long-planned shopping trip to Cardiff with friend Jo and NO CHILDREN. Utter bliss. We wandered relatively aimlessly looking at lots of stuff and the new John Lewis and we had oodles of noodles in Wagamamma for lunch. A perfect non-pressurised shopping day without the usual: Mummeeeee I'm bored can we go to the Disney shop NOW?

On Monday I worked while the girls were at school. At 3pm I pick them up and then somehow there is suddenly such a lot to be done. I wrote my NaNo daily word total whilst watching FlashForward in the evening.

Tuesday saw me off to Newport for a lovely coffee with ChrisH for a chat about running and writing and other such interesting stuff. That left the afternoon for actual writing, rather than talking about it.

Wednesday? Work again and other Stuff and more words for NaNo.

Thursday was Christmas and birthday shopping in Carmarthen. December is riddled with present opportunities. Brian had to go back to the car three times with the various bags of booty.

Friday was working again. How astonishingly fast these weeks fly.

Saturday was a combination of a splashy run along flooded roads again (even deeper than last week) and searching on the internet for reasons to convince Brian that changing the CR-V to an ancient Land Rover Discovery would be an excellent idea. I'm still working on that one!

Last night was NaNo catch-up night. Three hours of writing until the wee small hours while everyone else snored in bed. Now it's Sunday again, I have four loads of washing to deal with, a mountain of ironing and another day's worth of NaNo words. And now I must dash - I can hear my children neighing at the guinea pigs.


  1. I keep meaning to bit more productive aside from blogging - but I find it is hard when I'm doing this post a day thing; takes ages!

    This morning I started clearing the loft and became distracted with all my old photos - still it has given me an idea for some writing.

  2. Well done, Mags. I really admire you for taking on NaNov again with everything else you have to do. What's even more inspiring is that I know you'll complete the challenge again.

  3. Golly I'm worn out now Mags! Much admiration here too and keep going xx

  4. Wow, you have a lot on your plate. I think the nano writing is quite something on top of any kind of normal life but I am quite sure you will do it. Like the idea of the splashy run, probably more than you liked doing it!

  5. I need to put my feet up and have a cup of tea after reading that! What a lot you've got going on - good luck with it all. You'll be amazed at yourself when you look back on this time.

  6. I envy the shopping trip, especially with no children, must have been pure utter bliss!

    Good luch with NaNo - I know you'll do it!

  7. Returning to the shop today after two weeks of having choice of time use mine, all mine, I completely understand what you are writing about.

    Get someone else in your household to do the laundry. Steal minutes where you can.

    Do keep on writing. Readers are out there, not yet aware of what you really can do! xo

  8. Good luck with NaNoWriMo. Mine's turned into NaNo NONO but it's given me the impetus I need to finish something. I won't do the word count by the end of November, because I too have suddenly got more work on. However, I will finish, and at least I've tried! x

  9. And I definitley think a Disco (of the Land Rover kind, though the other kind can be kind of fun) would help ease the load and make everything go much more swimmingly - you can tell I still miss mine like mad. Poor Poor Dora! Keep going with Nanonov!

  10. Wow, you do sound busy, Mags - and you do get about, too - one day Cardiff, the next Newport... And am v envious of your coffee with Chris H. Best of luck with with your NaNoWriting. I think I might need to sit down for a bit after reading that.


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