Tuesday, 5 October 2010

While we're on the subject of hair...

... look at this lovely 'do' courtesy of Kew (not the gardens, the clothing retailers). The catalogue, which was stuffed into my November copy of Red magazine, is full of lovely floral dresses, floaty cardis, chunky knits, thick tights and boots. A city idea of what one should wear in the country while wafting around decoratively with a Labrador.

I'm rather taken with this. I'm not sure if it's an unfinished hat or somewhere useful to keep one's knitting. Like my knitting it's rather coming undone too and it's a bit tangly.

Perhaps the poor love decided to have a go at knitting to while away a boring moment, failed, but decided to wear it anyway.

Either way I think it would turn a few heads on the school run. I suggested that idea to my children who supplied a three word reply: "Don't. You. Dare."



  1. Oh Mags, you know that we always waft around like that!

    I can understand that the girls might be a bit worried about what their friends would think, but honestly, no one on Cardigan High Street would look twice. Mind you, living in a place named after a bit of knitwear you wouldn't expect anything different.

    (I know, people, don't write to tell me!)

  2. I feel like that about Country Living magazine. I don't know anyone who actually lives in the country and has houses as nice as the ones in there! Where's the mud and the doghair and the saddles and the slugs?

  3. Well said Jane L!

    We had a branch of the Kew clothing store in our local New Forest market town. Lovely clothes to "waft" in, but most people passing the doors were dressed for dog walking or feeding a horse, so the shop has now closed its doors for the last time...

  4. Whilst waiting for middle to finish his fencing class I watched a young woman knitting by the school pond. She looks so serene a beautiful picture as her small child darted in and out amongst the trees.Mother looked like something from a chic catalogue that was until mother picked up her kntting and threw it with great force across the grass. I was rahter astounded but now know she was so distraught at realsiing she owuld never achieve the sublime chicness of that knitted hat your KEW model is wearing. Poor soul.

  5. Chris - Perhaps I'll put that to the test next time we go for a coffee. I'll meet you at Pendre Arts with my knitting on my head. Perhaps you could accompany me by unravelling your beret a little?
    Jane Lovering - Well said! Where ARE those gorgeous houses? And you've described my own home perfectly. I have slugs in my kitchen.
    Dartford Warbler - Having checked out the prices I'm not surprised it closed.
    Her at Home - What a wonderful scenario. She should have just put it straight on her head and be done with it.

  6. And here I thought the picture showed a creation of The Mad Hatter!

    I totally understand why you would have received the reaction you did from your younguns. They don't want their mom making a total fool of herself in public. It would reflect badly on the whole family — including mom. They worry about you!

    Unless, of course, that infamy was what you were trying to achieve.

  7. I'm with you, I simply love it. Dare to be different.


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