Monday, 20 December 2010


Me: "It's really cold out there R7 do you need a cardigan?"

R7: "No."

Me: "Are you sure? Because it's icy cold and snowing."

R7: "Positive, positive, positive, positive, positive."

Me: "I'll just get you a cardigan and then you can put it into your bag and if you DO get cold then you can put it on."

R7: "Okay Mum."

This was this morning before school which is a Christmas party and non-uniform day. R7 has a pretty top that she got with her birthday vouchers. She doesn't want to spoil it with a cardigan. I had already sent her upstairs for a vest. She has a chesty cough and isn't eating very well since she had The Bug last week. I'm fussing.

It reminds me of Claire Rayner who said: "A cardigan is what a child wears when its mother feels the cold."

Wise words indeed for a wise woman who sadly died in October. She wished her last words to be: "Tell David Cameron that if he screws up my beloved NHS I'll come back and bloody haunt him."

I wonder what she would think of this blog post by Chris Stovell about her mother's recent experience of NHS treatment (please read it if you haven't already).

David Cameron had better hurry up and fix the NHS. I should think by now that Mrs Rayner has rounded up a whole army of potential haunters should he fail.


  1. I am exactly the same. Constantly mithering Amy to put a cardigan on, and she is always saying, "I'm fine, stop fussing!" But I do, that's what mum's do isn't it!!

    CJ xx

  2. I too spend my time trying to convince the kids to wrap up, it seems the older they get the less they wear!!! At least all of the tops are no longer skimming the waist.Best wishes

  3. Thanks Mags. Another low point today trying to get through to said hospital to rearrange outpatient appts.

    Hope your girlies are enjoying themselves with or without their cardies! Cx

  4. And I thought it would be apost about Cardigan! As in next to St Dogmels!

    Down tomorrow or Wednesday; can't wait.

    Have a great Christmas if I don't get chance to comment agin before the day

    Mark's latest post is about moments of transcendece:

  5. Slipped over to Chris' blog to see her story. Dreadful doesn't begin to touch the incompetence.

    Cardigans. Didn't they originate in Wales? Just wondering. Mine has lost a couple of buttons, so I'd best get that fixed, promptly. It's either that or pullovers, and I prefer cardigans.

  6. I don't think kids can feel the cold. Mine are forever stripping off. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.


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