Friday, 3 December 2010

The Gallery: Celebration

I'm late with this week's Gallery again. The theme was celebration and we had a celebration of our own to do - R6's seventh birthday.

I considered pictures of that - kids, balloons and cake - but decided against it. The photograph below makes me think of celebration. It was taken on September 1st 2008 - the last day of the school holidays. We had just endured six weeks of rainy summer holidays and finally - finally - out came the sun and we went to the beach.

What you have is H8 - then aged six - flinging herself into the sea in one glorious celebratory splash.

As an aside, this was R's birthday cake from yesterday's celebration:

I can't remember how many horse-shaped cakes I have made now - at least four. This is a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing and marzipan flowers. By the time the girls move on from ponies to boys I might be in the realms of life-like equine sculpture in the medium of fudge - or possibly not...


  1. What a great cake! They may grow out of pony cakes for a while, but you know how nostalgic teenagers get - I bet you'll be making the same cake again when they're about 17......

  2. That's a pretty great cake. We've been doing donkey masks for nativity.

  3. Just the bestest cake and love the celebratory splash!


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