Saturday, 23 July 2011


July seems to be the month of abundance in the garden. I have an abundance of good things - garlic, onions, potatoes, herbs, broad beans - but also an abundance of unwanted things - slugs, couch grass, brambles. Ah well, presumably you can't have one without the other and at least the brambles bear fruit!

One of the biggest successes this year has been the sweet peas. The plants have now formed themselves into a massive hedge underneath which are hidden the five wigwams I built when I put the plants in back in the spring. The plants are smothered with blooms and it's rather fabulous.

My sweet pea hedge

The varieties are: Anniversary, Mrs Collier, Matucana, Black Knight and Midnight (all seeds from Sarah Raven). I wish this was a 'scratch and sniff' blog because the fragrance from this many sweet peas at once quite knocks your socks off. 


Meanwhile in the polytunnel another plant has rather taken over and I can't bear to weed it out because it is so beautiful.


This is Dill Mammoth, again from Sarah Raven, who says it's a good acid green filler for flower arrangements and that it 'freely self sows'. It certainly does that. I love the huge green umbellifers in big bunches in a vase and have it in mind they might make a nice motif for future sewing projects. My plan is to distribute the seedheads in the garden in the hope of more 'freely self-sowing' but this time not just in the polytunnel (where it a bit of a thug, beautiful but thug nevertheless).


  1. Love your pictures and notes of abundance. Especially the sweet peas.

  2. I, not too far from you, also have wigwams of sweet peas doing really well. Salads - not so well. This is how it seems to go - one thing thriving while another lags. Makes you realise why farms used to be run on a 'mixed farm' basis really. It's funny how the lessons of our veg gardens could teach industrial farming a thing or two!

  3. What fabulous sweet peas - you must have planted them by the handful.

    My veg garden isn't putting forth much in the way of abundance this year . . . But hey, the roses have been spectacular, 20+ lbs of goosegogs and LOTS of apples to come.

  4. Gorgeous sweet peas. I have some of the same varieties, also Sarah Raven, and they are flowering their socks off. Also have a huge crop of bindweed but heh, you can't have everything.

  5. It is good to hear of abundant vegetable gardens this year. So far, we have had very little from ours. The cold nights of spring and the recent drought are probably to blame.

    Your sweet peas are so pretty.

  6. What absolutely ravishing photos - I love sweet peas and we're actually in a spot where we can grow them at last. Only a few this year, but I'll make a note of your lovely blooms for next year. I love those dark, plummy varieties.

  7. Love the photos! Haven't had sweet peas in years but have always enjoyed them.



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