Friday, 22 July 2011

Making things

I've had the sewing machine out lately, making a few things - some of which are for presents and so are secret - but they included this cushion:

Dad and Pat's cushion.

I made it as a house warming present for Dad and Pat - they've just moved from Milford Haven to Mull - and it's now sitting on their sofa in their brand new house in Craignure. Pat said it 'gave her goosebumps' when she opened it, which I think was a good thing.


  1. What a lovely cushion and blimey - THAT is a move and a half, from Wales to Mull!

  2. Looks amazing! Well done. I am finding that its quite addictive making presents for people, but so much fun. Glad to hear that it was well received.

  3. Looks great, Mags. Very thoughtful and creative of you.


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