Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bread Bakeathon #6 and #7

I haven't forgotten the Bread Bakeathon, I'm still working my way, recipe by recipe through the River Cottage Bread book.

Number six was a malted and seeded loaf. This uses granary flour and a mix of sunflower, pumpkin, linseed, sesame, poppy and a few fennel seeds both in the dough and as a coating. Packed with seeds, a lovely chewy bread and utterly delicious.

Number seven was breakfast rolls. These are made entirely of wholemeal flour but with the addition of milk as the liquid and butter as the fat in the dough. I used to find wholemeal bread leaden and heavy but (following Daniel Stevens' breadmaking method to the letter) these were soft and light and, yes, perfect for breakfast.

Next: Festival bread.


  1. The malted and seeded loaf sounds delicious. I keep saying "I must make some bread soon, I haven't made any for ages". But I'll probably continue saying it and continue buying it. Our local garden centre sells yummy bread! Well done you for continuing with it.

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  3. Mmmm the malted and seeded loaf does indeed look lovely and I am salivating thinking about the wonderful aromas that must be floating around in your home.


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