Friday, 16 September 2011

Just call me Mrs Furious

Yesterday morning I was Mrs Furious on the school run. It's all to do with the resurfacing of the road in Maenclochog which seems to need to be done all at once to the maximum inconvenience of everyone.

It was bad enough on Monday when it started. Stop/Go signs at three ends letting you into chaos and mayhem within. On Tuesday at 3pm they planed the road outside school just as the buses and cars turned up to pick up the children. It's not fun walking with a child in each hand past a machine that is ripping up the road surface and throwing it into a lorry. It was intimidatingly noisy too.

On Thursday I dropped my girls off at school, got back into my car and indicated to pull out. A roadworker arrived in a flat bed truck full of tarmac and one of those jiggedy-jiggedy rat-tat-tat-tat things that digs holes in roads. He carefully parked on my driver's side bumper, blocking me in.

When I did my Furious-Mum-On-the-School-Run-in-a-4x4 face he just smirked. In fact I've never seen anyone look so happy and delighted. Then he walked away with an I'm-digging-the-road-so-the-road-is-MINE-ALL-MINE-ahahahahahahah power-crazed swagger. Bastard.

Furious? I was fuming. Luckily the car behind me moved so I was able to reverse back, do a neat seven-point turn and stomp off. Back at home I said "AARRRGGGHHH!" on Facebook to anyone who would listen.

Then I went on a 7.5 mile run. On a gorgeous September day. Under blue sky, with crisp autumnal air. I ran towards the hills which were looking gorgeous with their slopes of purple heather.

I stopped and took this photograph:

The point at which I remembered I don't have to dig roads for a living.

Then I had a bloody good laugh at myself and ran on, smiling like the mad, idiot long-distance running woman that I am.

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  1. Sorry that you had the dust-up with the construction chap. Maybe he was having a bad day, too.
    Glad you had the run, took the picture, and straightened out your perspective. Walking/running can do that. Fortunately.


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