Friday, 14 October 2011

Eat dog

It's Thursday. Brian is at work at HQ patiently recording crimes. I'm at home attempting to balance the household budget. In the drizzle the postman arrives bearing two brown envelopes marked DVLA.

A series of texts follows from Desperate Housewife to Hardworking Husband:

DH: "BOTH cars need taxing. That's really made my day. :-("

HH: "Oh bugger."

DH: "I'll do both now and then at least we'll know where we are."

HH: "Ok x"

DH: "Both cars taxed. Ouch."

HH: "Yes, never mind. Have to pull horns in even further."

DH: "Dehorned. None left to pull in."

HH: "We'll do what we can. x"

DH: "Put dog on eBay?"

HH: "Eat dog x"

DH: "Too smelly."

HH: "Shave, stuff, roast"

DH: "Oven temp for dog?"

HH: "Hot (dog)"


HH: "U forgot to shave him x"

DH: "That's why he's finding oven temp too hot! Doh!"

NB: No, we didn't eat him (and never will!) He's not going on eBay either. He loved having his picture taken on the work surface and I did wash the roasting tin afterwards. Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall says in the Radio Times this week that "puppy meat is no worse than a pork chop". Me? I'd rather be vegetarian.


  1. I would rather be vege too. But this belt pulling in is getting harder and harder!

  2. I'm so glad Scamp didn't turn into roast Scampi! It is getting tough though, isn't it? Dreading the thought of a cold winter and those oil bills.

  3. That made me giggle, similar scenario the photo, what a little poser he is, even has a sad little expression ahh, glad you didn't eat him tee hee x

  4. Don't they just love it when they're allowed to do something that they know, really, they shouldn't be doing. He's beautiful.

  5. What a relief to know that I'm not the only one who threatens to eat their dog.....

  6. Aw love the photo! Thanks for the giggle.

  7. Sorry that your life is so taxing right now. True pain in the posterior, all that.
    But, with Chris, I'm glad you haven't resorted to Roast Scampi. Just wouldn't be right; don't know if the girls could eat it.
    We don't have a dog to roast, but I'm thinking about eating crow. There are still a few around. Or, perhaps, pigeons. Tons of them around our apartment building.
    Blessings and Bear hugs as you try to make money out of nothing at all. sigh!

  8. I know that feeling - we just had one of those too. Can only run to 6 mths this time round and only pruning can be made on groceries . . . just as well we have a glut of apples!

  9. We decided to eat the dog this week too - I couldn't think what to make for tea, and in a series of emails husband suggested the whippet lurcher could be spared. But, as he pointed out - more spare ribs than anything!

  10. Scamp looks so sweet sat there, glad you din't eat him... laugh!

  11. Think he is a bit small to make a really good meal. Have you nothing bigger? Goat?

  12. David Cameron's GOT to pull something out of the hat.... I want some joy, money and the outside possibility of a holiday abroad within the next 5 years, (preferably where there's no war or violent change of government.)

    Cute dog.


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