Thursday, 6 October 2011

Oh BT, how I loathe you so...

As soon as I saw the BT Outreach van I knew there was trouble ahead. Four times I drove past the engineer as he frowned over the pole and the wires. He looked a little confused, especially with a bundle of disconnected telephone cables in each hand. Poor dear.

Oh dear.

Sure enough, off went the broadband and phone. This time, as an added twist, when I dialled our number to check the line I got someone else (who had a witty Loyd Grossman voiced answerphone message). I had to laugh.

In the meantime I'm still baking bread from the River Cottage handbook. This is Festival bread, made with spelt flour, cider (lovely), sporting slivers of almonds and studded with apricots.

Rolls seem to be the preferred shape rather than loaves and this bread was sweet, nutty and delicious accompaniment to bowls of vegetable soup and chunks of cheese. Next up is Monastery bread.

The weather has reverted to autumn, as it should be at this time of year and today's wind neatly blew one of the wooden doors on the outbuildings off its hinges. I worry constantly about the new polytunnel and its cover, although it is sheltered by a big fat hedge.

While the sun was out we were invaded by lovely Golden-ringed dragonflies which busied themselves laying eggs in the reeds around the new pond. Mum found one floating on the water and brought the 'dead' dragonfly in for a closer look. She forgot it overnight (we had visitors) then the following morning we retrieved it to take its picture. It was somewhat livelier than the night before and I managed to snatch a few snaps before it had to be let outside again.

Otherwise I'm running, running, running in preparation for the Cardiff Half Marathon. This week I'm out every day which is unusual for me and feels like hard work. Today's run was my eight mile loop which takes me from home, up to the village and past the school, on and on (up and up) to the top road. It's an energy-sapping uphill climb but the views across south Pembrokeshire are well worth it. Back down then past the forestry and round the 90 degree corners, past Holly the collie (who wasn't there today but scared the living daylights out of me yesterday) and, finally with a few short sharp shocks of hills left to bite me, gratefully home.

I've just counted and I have only five more runs before the big day. My race pack has arrived - I'm number 5665 - as has my running vest for Birmingham Hospice (still time to sponsor - see top right of blog). Just over a week to go - I can't wait!


  1. Keep on trugging with the training! Love the dragon flies such other worldly creatures!

  2. Well done, Mags. I've been thinking of you a lot lately with all the last-minute preparations for the Cardiff Half. My number came today, but I feel too sad to open it just yet. Maybe next year...

  3. Mags your pictures are wonderful, I wasn't sure if the top one was a water colour or photo. Lovely to catch up with you and I hope the half marathon goes well. Loads of dragon flies here just now


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