Friday, 10 February 2012

Birthday ponies

I've been making marzipan ponies again - this time for H10's birthday, so there were 10 of them to do. R8 made two of them (and all of the ears) and they took up candle-holding duty on the cake. I make them following a tutorial on YouTube (click here) which is for fondant (which I hate, hence the marzipan). They've all been eaten now but I have promised to make some more permanent ponies out of Fimo.

The cake was a basic sponge with chunks of white chocolate added and the icing was a custard-based buttercream mixed with a white chocolate ganache with some icing sugar added to make it thick enough. The result was delicious and fudgey and exactly (and accidentally) what the birthday girl had ordered.

In the meantime my car's been off the road with radiator trouble, I got bitten by a collie during my long Sunday run, we've all got colds (again) and the weather's been rubbish. I've taken refuge in cleaning, the seed catalogues and day dreaming about summer.


  1. Your Birthday Ponies are lovely! Welsh I presume? I`m sure your daughter enjoyed her cake.

    I have just come in from slushy white fields after a night of snow. Your summer meadow with creamy white clover in flower is something to look forward to!

  2. I nearly posted a summer picture this week too - just to remind me that summer DOES happen and we DO have sunshine and WARMTH sometimes . . .

    Loved the birthday ponies - modelled on Itsy perchance?!

    Belated happy birthday to H10.

  3. I think your ponies are absolutely fabulous! I am so impressed. Do you think 50 odd year olds are allowed them?


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