Monday, 28 May 2012

The Olympic torch visits West Wales

I'm a bit excited that the Olympics are in London this year and, although we haven't got tickets, I'll be glued to the TV when the games are on. I was very keen to see the torch too - we already met it in Cardiff when I ran the half marathon last October and I've had the date it was due to pass through Pembrokeshire written on the calender for months.

Then we found out that Caroline - H10's guides leader - would be carrying the torch into Cardigan. Cue scenes of great excitement. She was due to arrive with the torch over the town's old bridge at 3.44pm on Sunday, so we assembled an hour in advance with the other guides and brownies. There was a happy buzz of anticipation as the torch relay procession approached.

H10 and her fellow guides made banners at guides on Friday. They all adore Caroline which was clear from the posters and the air of general excitement.

R8, H10 and grandma were interviewed for the radio on their thoughts and feelings about the Olympic torch relay.

Caroline enters, torch aloft, huge smile.

Big cheers go up as the guides spot their leader.

One of 8,000.

Caroline hands the flame over to the next torch bearer.

What a fabulous day - it's something I won't forget and I hope H10 and R8 remember the sunny May day they saw the Olympic torch relay too. Knowing one of the torch bearers made it even more special too.


  1. My Welsh husband was delighted to see the torch.
    We loved seeing the torch travel around Australia.
    We will be watching the Olymics too.

  2. Maggie - that looks amazing. It comes through Manchester 23rd June. Would you like to do a guest blog (as per above) for my new blog 4Manchester Women to get us in the mood?


    Alison x

  3. Such fun and excitement, with a personal touch! Well done, all of you!

  4. Would you believe that we had to take Elder Daughter to catch her train in Carmarthen just before the torch arrived in Sarnau?! Not only did we miss the torch, but without some major planning, we would have missed the train too! Lovely to see your photos of the crowds in Cardigan - what a day for it!

  5. All we saw of the torch last week was the entourage of police outriders, the torch-bearing coach and associated vehicles as they sped past the show ground last week when we were at the Fleamarket. We shall we watching the Olympics though, just on tv.

  6. That is a super page, & lovely report, & was such a special day for us as a family, Caroline was on cloud nine, & to be honest is having trouble coming back down. There were four generations of our family present & so many of her Guide family too!

    Thank you for sharing this event & along with so many other people making it so very special for her:-)


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