Wednesday, 23 May 2012

We love May because...

We love the sun on our whiskers.

We love to sit on the wires and chatter.

We love the flowers on the wild plants in the strawberry garden because it means lots of lovely juicy white (not red) strawberries.

So that's why we love May. What do you love about May?


  1. There is nowhere in the world that beats spring time in the UK. Beautiful, full of promise, bird song, blossom and gentle warmth. I love it. Your pictures are stunning Mags, very evocative of the season and second to none.

  2. And for the lovely photo of the guinea pigs! So cute!

  3. I've never eaten white strawberries - I always thought they were red ones not yet ripe. Our spring here is in March so it seems ages ago already. We are already into Summer except for the holidays which start in a few weeks.

  4. Love your pony - has a really knowing in its eye. The Swallow photo is gorgeous and would make a wonderful card. Envy you the Swallows, its not something we see around here.

    I love May for its promise and fecundity, also my favourite daughter's ( OK only daughter's) birthday month.

    Do white strawberries taste as nice as red? I have often thought of planting them because the birds steal all the alpine red ones I grow unless I net them. How do you know when they are ripe?


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