Saturday, 30 June 2012

Work in progress

It's raining. But you knew that. We've had the wettest April to June period on record according to the experts and I'm not one to argue. Our fields are sodden. Early evening dog walks are accompanied by swarms of midges and armies of marching slugs. I'm wearing winter jumpers and boots and the utility room is full of dripping waterproofs.

Then the sun comes out and everything gets rather steamy and foggy. It's a funny old year.

Things are struggling (drowning!) in the garden, while it's high summer in the polytunnel where I'm still picked the wild rocket I planted last September. The tomatoes are blooming and there are tiny baby cucumbers. I think I need another polytunnel and then I'll just let the rest of the garden go wild!

In the meantime it's Wimbledon and that means I need to find something to do while I watch. This year it's embroidery and so far I've made a lavender filled hanging heart (free pattern from

Then I moved on to the Stupendous Stitching course  on the same website. I found Craftsy via Pinterest and treated myself to Carol Ann Waugh's online course when it was on special offer. The course mixes machine and hand embroidery and quilting and is terrific fun. I hadn't hand embroidered since primary school so there was a bit of a relearning curve on this first piece (above). By the time I got to the French knotted sheep I was having a ball (and started basing them on our own flock - the third from the right is Chops.)

This second piece isn't finished yet - I need to add the machine quilting and a rattail border - but it's thoroughly addictive and a perfect, quiet thing to do while watching the tennis. I loved embroidering the bunting - H10, looking at the flowers, the whirligig fireworks and the bunting, says it looks like a spring party - so that's what I'll call it. I'm also quite proud of that fluffy white line - that's a bit of wool from one of our sheep that I washed, carded and spun by hand (using fingers and an HB pencil - I really need a drop spindle!) before couching it on to the material.


  1. I really like those embroideries - why haven't I tried that? - yet.
    Wish I could get Wimbledon here - it's one of the things i miss.

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful Mags - clever you. Oh the weather - our veg aren't doing anything... apart from a couple of valiant courgettes! I'm so fed up with the leaden skies and heavy rain.

  3. I'm always amazed by your industry - where do you find the time to do it all?

  4. Oh how lovely. I am currently crocheting a colourful (think Sweetpeas) warm throw for winter. It's nice and mindless and I don't want to stop!

    I look forward to seeing the completed wall hanging as it looks gorgeous so far.

    Oh - commiserations about the garden. I can only say, SNAP! Slugs have won the day here . . .

  5. Your embroidery is amazing - I love it. Enjoy the tennis.

  6. Hope you're enjoying the tennis, and getting lots of other things accomplished in the process.

  7. WOW... stunning. I just love the Spring Party.


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