Monday, 9 July 2012

Lovely things

Sometimes amid the general hurly burly of day to day life nice things happen. A couple of lovely things have happened in this past week, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Firstly I had an email from Lizzie at Dorset Cereals telling me that my picture of Bullseye, which had been featured in their simple pleasures gallery, was one of the ten chosen for June to receive a prize of their new breakfast pots.

My prize arrived this morning when we were in the midst of yet another heavy downpour.

They look yummy and very useful portable breakfasts. We all adore Dorset cereals in this household so their arrival was greeted with much excitement.

And this is the picture, that I called 'spring sunshiny whiskers', which also serves to remind me that it doesn't always rain here, even if it seems like it. I took rather a lot of pictures in this session - I adore Bullseye's cute little nose and he's a patient subject!

The next lovely thing to happen arrived also in email form in the shape of an offer, by Katrina of Snapfish, to test out some of the Snapfish products using my photographs and then blog about them here. Of course I was delighted to accept and the image of Bullseye immediately jumped into my mind as a likely project. Perhaps I can have him printed on canvas, made into an acrylic block or printed on to a mug or two?

I need to upload my images to the site and have a really good play with the various options. It's something I will love doing and it will give us a lasting bit of art to hang on the wall. I plan on saving the project for a rainy day, which will more than likely be tomorrow!


  1. I love your picture of Bullseye! Would love to know how Snapfish works out. I have just found picmonkey and having a wonderful time!

  2. You are such a talented soul, and things are coming your way in response.

    I hope you keep having fun, especially with Bullseye's image. And with Bullseye, too.

  3. Yes, you are talented! Well-deserved goodies for a lovely, whiskery photo! Oh, I'm so fed up with the rain, Mags - I truly don't mind a bit, but I do miss the sunshine!

    (Oh and hat was £2 from Primark!!! What a bargain!)

    1. £2?! Where's the nearest Primark?! I think I need to appoint you as my personal shopper - first the fab shoes, now the gorgeous hat!


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