Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sun! Sun! Sun!

Less manic today - Brian's on holiday and sharing the load. I could list, but - *yawn* - enough. The sun shone, the Pimms was poured. It's summer and life is great.

Garlic - cleaned and in the polytunnel to finish drying.

Cucumbers - easy, reliable, I adore.

Chamomile - my favourite flower, seeds freely, divine.


  1. Lovely - sometimes you just don't need words, the daisies against that blue are my favourite

  2. Loving the pictures of summer, well overdue but perhaps appreciated all the more for its lateness.

  3. PS the word verification thingy, I've set mine to apply after so many days (so old posts can't be spammed) and recent ones are verification free. Works like a dream for me. (You can delete this post!). Lins x

  4. Ah. Finally, summer, and everyone home to enjoy it. If the rest is like the fab pictures, it'll be a good time.


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