Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wow Mummy, who painted that!?

I mentioned in a bog a few weeks ago (Lovely things) that I'd been offered the chance to try out something from Snapfish and then review it on my blog.

Snapfish kindly gave me £35 of account credit and there then followed a period of delicious agony while I sorted through my photographs to find a suitable image. I decided to go for a canvas print as it's one of the things I have yet to try . In the past I've bought a mug; a big posh photobook; a smaller photobook and a calendar - and I've always been very impressed with the quality of the items and the service I've received.

In fact one of the photobooks, a present for my mother-in-law, got lost in the post and Snapfish replaced it immediately and with a huge apology. They also rescued me last year when I accidentally deleted my July 2011 pictures from my computer. I'd used Snapfish to make a calender at Christmas and all of my prints were safely stored on the site. (I was so relieved, if it was possible to hug a website, I'd have hugged it.)

Here's one I made earlier.

Anyway I finally settled on an picture of H10 and R8 that I took of them paddling at Newquay. I'd previously manipulated it (using a free trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 that I decided not to buy because it was too good and I was too obsessed with it!). It looked (on my computer screen) like a painting rather than a photograph and I was quite pleased with it.

Then we all rushed off on holiday to Devon and I rather forgot about my Snapfish order. When we arrived home there was a big parcel waiting. Inside was the 16"x12" photo canvas.

"Wow Mummy," said H10, awed, "who painted that!?"

It looks and feels like a painting, like proper art. We were all gobsmacked and delighted. It remains to be hung on the wall, once we have redecorated.

It's worth registering with Snapfish - they offer free prints for every newly registered customer - it's also a useful back-up store for all your most precious photos (as I found out!). You can connect to your pictures on Facebook as well as uploading from your computer. There are usually offers at Christmas too which I find useful for presents. Oh and I can recommend the canvas prints!

Disclosure: Thank you to Kristina of Snapfish for giving me £35 account credit and free postage in return for this blog post.


  1. What wonderful ideas for Christmas presents. I love the picture too, such vibrant colours and it's so personal. A lovely thing to hang on your newley decorated wall.

  2. Love the canvas - it has an Impressionists feel to it :-)

    Might have to explore this.

    PS. I suspect you are getting spam because you are allowing me to comment via the name/URL option. If its a big problem I can always email you my comments and you can switch back to how it was xx

    1. Hi Zoe, no I was getting spammed before (and on my other blogs). Removing the word verif was an experiment that didn't work. I'm happy with the way it's working at the moment. M xxxx

  3. I think it looks great - rather like one of those Robert Mceon paintings that Myles sells at the Fishguard Arts Centre for thousands!

    Finally back in wales after what seems like months but in reality is only weeks - and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts!

  4. How lovely.
    I had a couple of photographs printed on canvas after our holiday last year and I agree, it is a real thrill to see the canvas for the first time.
    Yours is very special.

  5. Looks like they have some greaat ideas. I'd love to do a calendar.

  6. That's a really great pic, will def have to investigate. Thanks


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