Thursday, 19 July 2012

Even the garlic has gone rusty...

I'm dashing about (well 'dashing' might be an exaggeration!) from task to task depending on whether the wet stuff is falling from the sky or not.

Think of one of those weather things - was there one in Chigley or was it Trumpton? - where the little people trundle out according to the weather conditions. Rain will see me indoors with the sewing machine or "cleaning" (on Facebook?!); the slightest hint of fine weather and I'm out in the garden raging at the waist height couch grass. Is it just here or is the couch really tall this year? My garden is obliterated. I'm considering violence.

Still more black currants yet to ripen.

In the meantime, while thinking murderous thoughts towards aforementioned invasive grass, I have harvested all the garlic (which had rust - of course it would in this weather), and picked the first two cucumbers (so reliable) and the raspberries, red currants, pink gooseberries and black currants. There isn't quite enough for individual varieties of jam, so I think a mixed berry conserve beckons this year.

Rose 'Grace'

School is almost out - R8 says she has been on a marathon DVD-watching exercise for what seems like the past three weeks, while H10 claims to have been doing nothing but school work. A little of both is probably nearest the truth. They both had excellent reports and all - teachers too - deserve a bit of fun in the final few days of the school year.

Rusty garlic drying on the empty runner bean bed.

They've both got end-of-term-itis now though. The long summer holidays are nearly upon us and we have Big Plans. Lists have been made and requests have been requested.

We have a trip to Devon - first and foremost and most importantly -  to see lovely friends. Then we have free swimming to take advantage of and Tesco Days Out tokens carefully squirrelled away for Folly Farm trips. There are rock pools to be examined, walks to walk and hills to climb. There's the small matter of the Olympics too, with footie tickets for us grown-ups and the excitement of the horse events on TV for the pony-mad offspring.

I'm on a running hiatus at the moment, with three months to go to the the Big Day (Cardiff Half Marathon). Fatigue had set in along with torpor and lack of energy. Online wisdom suggested a rest so I've prescribed myself two weeks off before the final push to the start line. My long Sunday run is already up to 10+ miles so it's only another 3.1 on top of that to do. The rest of the training now is for speed and vanity but in the long run it's the taking part that counts. Unlike the Olympians all I have to do to get a nice shiny medal is to take part in my event!


  1. Lovely round-up and I so agree with the end-of-term itis. Ours are on their knees and I am sick of packed lunch making. Can't wait for tomorrow lunchtime when it will all be over for six weeks. Have a great holiday Maggie xx

  2. "We have a trip to Devon . . . to see lovely friends." Suddenly I recalled (perhaps erroneously) that the Donkey farm is in Devon. Then I wondered about the meaning of the sentence.

    End-of-term-iitis. Our part of the world was hit with that a few weeks ago. Distinctly I understand.

    Glad to hear your garden is giving you good produce. Happy jam making.

    And about all that grass. I know you have sheep; did you get your goat, too? Goats I'm told are good at controlling grass; flower gardens, too (sadly). But I'm sure that clever people like you and Brian can make that goat project work. Or if not a goat, perhaps Chops?

  3. It has been a dreadful year in the garden here - thankfully end of termistis is long behind me.

    Couch grass is the work of the devil. It is the biggest problem I have on my allotment - I can cope with any other weed, but couch grass is demoralising as it just keeps coming back :-(

    Love the rose, I have a current penchant for apricot roses - maybe because I have ODed on pink and red ones.

  4. I've given up on my garden too. The tomato plants have blight by the look of things, and anyway, had flowers which weren't producing any fruit. I have anorexic runner beans (this was the third sowing, sown in June!) but I DO have a crop of Garlic, pulled this week. Dwarf French beans are apparently fit, and I have Pak Choi, Spring Onion and Carrot seedlings in tubs (which I could cover to give them a start). Now I am fighting back at slugs (the size of Corgis) with Organic slug pellets. . .

    Enjoy Devon and I hope you win the half-marathon!

  5. My garden resembles the Amazon jungle these days, with slugs to match!!! I'm impressed with your running!!!


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