Sunday, 9 September 2012

Haylage - at last!

Mown cut and baled - some of the bales in the first field...

...the rest in the second. This is the only flat land on our farm.

Brian brings all 30 down, one by one, carrying them on a spike on the back of our ancient Ford tractor.

They get lined up and then wrapped all black and shiny in plastic, thus preserving them for the winter. They're sitting in the field now waiting to be taken and stacked in the hayguard. Where they'll join the ones we have left over from last year! We made 30, we need 15. The leftovers end up (eventually) as rather splendid compost on the garden.


  1. Shw mae!

    I understand that you feed your sheep with those bales. And if you make 30 but need fifteen you're certainly ahead of the game.

    Do you also feed the local deer when the weather gets abysmal? (Around here, the deer often just help themselves, opening a bale on their own if the must.)

  2. Good to hear that your winter feed is in now. The hay harvest here in the south of England has been poor this year. Can you not sell on your extra haylage?

  3. Well done you! We gave up on hay this year and allowed a friend to graze his sheep instead. We'll be buying in for our pet sheep. xx


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