Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Yesterday I couldn't sleep (again) and I got up far too early. Yesterday I had a big row with my husband (I was grumpy and tired). Yesterday the something crunchy in my pasta was one of my fillings. Yesterday the postman was bringing something nice that needed a signature and I missed him. Yesterday it was raining and I forgot I had my lights on and when I went to start my car for the afternoon school run the battery was flat. Yesterday I accidentally put R8's favourite toy, Milly the Billy Goat Gruff, in the washing machine.

Yesterday was a bit tiresome in parts.

Yesterday I checked my Euromillions ticket and we had won!

Yesterday, being the sort of day it was yesterday, we had won £3.



  1. O dear, I bet you are glad yesterday is over than?!?

  2. Oh, my goodness! I hope you don't have another "yesterday" today!

  3. One of those days eh? I hope today was better.

  4. Those are the sorts of days that make me think that there just might be something to astrology!

    Hoping that good fortune has returned to your Hills.


  5. There is always tomorrow xx

  6. If it weren't days like yesterday, we wouldn't appreciate the good days half so much! Hope today was better.

  7. Oh Mags, poor you! I hope life's rebalanced now... unlike Milly the Billy Goat Gruff swinging on her line! Cx

  8. Bless your heart. At least you got a year's worth of trickiness over in one day. Now you should be free of incident till Christmas (!!)

    Chin up, bet Ms Gruff smells sweet. x


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