Sunday, 14 April 2013


We've just reached the end of the two week Easter school holidays. In some ways time has flown, in others it has meandered along in an aimless sort of way.

I'm still struggling with my inner demons, as I said before. I've had two successive dental abscesses which haven't helped. A first one, simple and common enough, which took a short break and then turned into a bit of an emergency. I didn't really realise what a pickle I was in, which was probably a good thing. I had exemplary NHS dental care though and am on the road to recovery, thanks to antibiotics and enough painkillers to euthanase a hippopotamus.

In the middle of it all we managed a trip (all of us as a family - how rare!) to Lampeter to see the exhibition of Kaffe Fassett quilts at the Welsh Quilt Centre. Well worth the trip, so inspirational and full of vivid, happy, soul-lifting colour. The exhibition is on until November 2nd.

I also managed to recover enough for a trip to Lawrenny with lovely Jo, her noisy boys and R9 (H11 being over at a friend's house). The sun shone in quite a spring like way for a change. We did the walk from the boat yard to Garron Pill and back round via the village.

 Of course we ended up at the Quayside tearoom and found a sheltered spot for cakes and Elderflower spritzer in the sun.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, lambing has been happening and has mostly been going well. The ewes seem to be producing colossal lambs this year (we've got a new ram). These are great big things on stilts. This one (number nine to be born) can easily suckle whilst lying down. I don't think the ewes are as amused by this as we are! Lambs with such long legs seem to get them tucked up during the birthing process, so there have been a few needing a bit of a pull. We're more than half way through now though.

Back to school tomorrow, with all the extra little things that brings. The day is already packed with orthodontist visits, sheepy things and guides -  somehow I've got to fit in the cleaning, and maybe something (anything) to progress my little business - really it needs to be a 48-hour day!


  1. Teeth, sheep, quilts.... A rich and varied life, I'd say!

  2. Sorry about your abscess(es) - sounds painful. I can see I shall have to have an afternoon in Lampeter between now and 2nd November. I will probably tie it up with going to Llanybydder sales next.

    Cheesecake and elderflower spritzer sound divine, especially by the sea.

    Lambs on stilts sound fun! I hope Itsy is behaving herself . . .

  3. I'm so sorry to hear what a rough time you're having. The end of Book 3 is in sight so I must see you for a long-overdue catch up when it's done. Look after yourself. Cx

  4. Thanks for the 'heads up' bout the quilts - looks well worth a visit.

    Hope your dental problems are resolved - I think you have been heroically brave and now deserve respite.

  5. Quilt exhibition sounds good. And I'm loving your pins on Pinterest. Tempting to repins all of yours but then you'll think in a bit odd and maybe a bit stalkerish!

  6. I am sorry to hear about the dental bother (pain inside the head is true pain indeed) but glad to read about all the more pleasant things that have helped to fill your early spring days.

    The quilt show must have been fabulous. Mr KF is a color genius whether he's going brilliant hues or subtle neutrals. I wonder how large a team of actual quilters he has making the quilts.

    I've never tasted elder flower spritzer, but your sunshiny table top photo encourages me to give it a go!

    I did smile at your description of lambing season. Bravo to you and yours for getting through all the tricky bits.



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