Monday, 15 April 2013

Quilty pleasures

As the Kaffe Fassett Quilts exhibition was so lovely and as I took soooooo many photographs, I thought I'd make them into a quick video. I was very keen to show how the quilts had been hung (as if they had been flung into the air like a pack of cards) and the clever juxtaposition of colours.

The exhibition is a delight and thoroughly inspirational. I'd seen Kaffe Fassett fabrics, of course, and I'd seen his books but there's no substitute to seeing his designs made up as he intended them to look. It's a master class of colour and pattern combination. I've tended to err on the side of simplicity in the quilts I have made so far - I think I may be more daring in future.

One thing I would love to do though is to make a whole cloth quilt in some sunshiny yellow fabric like some of the traditional Welsh quilts that are hung on the walls. These are all hand-stitched and how cheerful they must have looked on cold grey Welsh days. These Welsh Quilts often have a story attached - one made as a thank you to a farmer who gave the quilter some butter when it was on ration, others made for weddings.

The exhibition is at the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter until November. It's right next door to the Calico Kate shop which conveniently sells Kaffe Fassett fabrics (and every possible other thing the keen sewist could desire!)


  1. Those quilts are simply fabulous. You are so right about adventurousness. I love that inspiration from seeing something like this. It kicks me right out of my rather muted and simple comfort zone!

  2. thank you for that slideshow, absolutely brilliant and yes the bright yellow Welsh quilts would have brought the sun with them. Doubt if we will make to Solva this year, but that show would definitely be on my list.

  3. The quilts (and your photos of them) made my evening - just stunning! The warm colours, the quality of the work, the striking and beautiful juxtapositions, as you said. Wonderful. I've just come across your blog and will be following with interest. I've been in love with the Preselis since I worked on the archaeological excavations at Castell Henllys asa student three consecutive summers in the 90s. How wonderful to live in such a glorious place...

  4. Wow gorgeous quilts. Good luck with your design they are so lovely.


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