Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Oh woe

Oh woe. Why is it, when you start something small, that it turns into something big, problems arise and everybody gets upset?

All we want is a nice, clean new kitchen. Free of rotten wood, mini beetles and stinking carpet. It is taking ages to replace. Every time we move something, there’s a problem. We fill a hole; the concrete takes weeks to go off, and when we surmount one barrier, another pops up.

This week (Monday) was Mum’s 70th. My sister was due to visit on Thursday to continue the celebrations, but now she can’t because the old kitchen is in the barn, the new kitchen is in the dining room, tiles for kitchen, utility room and bathroom are mounded everywhere and four metres of new worktop occupy a space I used to call the living room.

How we laughed at the thrill of having the flat packs delivered. Oh false joy. Now most of us have been in tears at one point or another. This morning it was Mum, when we admitted we couldn’t accommodate visitors, then it was my sister on being told the same thing. I have just broken the news to H6 and R4 that their cousins T7 and E4 will not be visiting, so they’re sad too.

Again I’m in the bad corner. I’m the Wicked Witch of the West; the spoiler of 70th birthdays, the murderer of holiday plans, the pooper of parties.

I only wanted a new kitchen. I didn’t realise it would cause this much heartache.


  1. Oh Mags, don't cry too! It will be lovely soon and then everyone will wonder what the fuss was about.

  2. Again you write of what real life is really made of. Upsets, unfulfilled promises. Reactions, reactions to reactions. And the rest.

    I wish you peace of mind. That kitchen will appear eventually, and feasts will be cooked and served. Meanwhile. Supportive wishes from across the ocean. If you saw the kitchen alcove from which I've prepared meals for twenty plus years ... it might make you feel better. Well for a moment.

    Cheers. xo

  3. Oh, honey. Could you suggest a B&B locally? I really do feel for you, after almost having to do Christmas with a caravan mini-oven (not even big enough for a pizza, never mind a turkey) and a microwave two years ago. And no floor to boot, nor heating. We did have a table and chairs, but that was about it!
    All shall be well...

  4. I sympathise - I was also the big, bad mother, as couldn't accommodate son's friends this weekend due to house undergoing massive clearout prior to renovations. They are now going to camp out in the garden......would that be a solution for you, or B&B as Kitty suggests? Good luck anyway!

  5. Oh PM, huge sympathy.....this is all too horribly familiar. jxx


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