Sunday, 3 August 2008

Embrace randomness

ChrisH has tagged me to post six random things about myself. So here they are:

1. This morning I ran 6.12 miles (just under 10K) in one hour and 17 minutes.

2. My NaNoWriMo novel currently weighs 2lb 9 and 3/4 oz.

3. I broke the toes on my right foot when I was 19 when they were stepped on by a (big) baby racehorse. My feet are now happiest in flip-flops, shoes with a toe thong, boots or trainers.

4. My hair is 17 inches long.

5. I'd like to drive a Porsche, Ferrari, Lambourghini, or similar - just to see what it's like. (I think I've been watching too much Top Gear!)

6. I am addicited to Google Earth.

Now, I think I'm supposed to tag others to do this, so I hereby tag Fennie, Silver Pebble, Frances, Today, Pipany and Kittyb (unless you've already been tagged!)


  1. Seventeen inches of hair - hair envy here!
    Have you got the kitchen installed yet?

  2. Oh flippin' eck PM, life is fairly random, but I'm not sure it's interesting enough to write about (never stopped me before...)
    Very random and interesting facts there - shall have to start pondering mine...x

  3. booo, will never be able to say that about my hair again! Used to have it near waist length, then middle of back and now a shoulder thing going on. Envious. More Bad PM (see cooking blog!)

  4. Thank you for passing that random torch, but ... I have already set my six free. (I have so many random thoughts that I could go into triple digit randomness, but will spare you and others!)

    I also envy you that long hair, as my own was always too fine and thin for length.

    I winced at that toe stomping tale. Glad you can wear any sort of shoes/boots!

    Agree that googlemap can just get out of hand. Mind you, if you look for my address, it does show the street ... but down the block.

    Isn't this sharing of the random a perfect light summer sport ... no rules, just release 'em.


  5. Goodness - never been tagged before - rather nervous now but was due to write another post so will see what heppens!

    I think I watch too much Top Gear too - but it's because of one of my strange celebrity crushes - James May!

    Hope all well over there - how's the kitchen?

  6. Ooh will have to have a think now. Liked your random facts though Mags and very glad you are back from your hols - I missed you! xx

  7. Good random list, Mags... that'll save me having to pack a tape measure for our next coffee morning! And, folks, not only does Mags have seventeen inches of hair it's also a lovely colour too.

  8. Oh you beat me, I've only had my food stood on by a humble donkey. 17 inch hair, now I have to get a tape out to see exactly how long that is!

  9. Good list although having your foot stood on made me wince too. I've had to give up watching Top Gear (although I too have a weakness for james may) because Jeremy Clarkson was driving me mad. the man is a total and arrogant idiot.

  10. Yup hair envy here as well.

    I love the fact that you weighed your novel.

    I have so far managed to avoid being addicted to Google Earth - already too addicted to Purplecoo


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