Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lofty ambitions

This is the granny annexe (the stone part) and yesterday the resident granny pointed out this fearless viola which has seeded itself at a high altitude.

It is blooming away in a very pretty fashion, tucked up securely into the stone of the old building. It's lovely to see it there. I adore it when pretty plants make themselves at home and can only hope that this one likes its lofty position and comes back with friends next year.

We are used to having ferns like this one growing on the walls and in the tumbledown stone outbuildings we even get sunflowers, presumably planted there by the busy beaks of the sparrows which nest in the holes in the walls.


  1. Thank you - a lovely photo. Just the job on a day when I'm feeling hacked off. Under siedge from yet more plans to build opposite us and more guest about to check in to Hotel H.

  2. Agree - lovely pictures, and I too like it when plants take root unexpectedly (though buddleia in walls is a bit of a no-no). Sorry too to hear of your dental problems - access to British dentistry is a disgrace. Hope R5 is feeling much better.

  3. So pretty Mags. Would choose somewhere a bit warmer myself wouldn't you? x

  4. Oh how lovely. Beautiful photos and I so admire plants abilities to thrive in odd little places.

  5. Gorgeous - the little fern is jewel-like too. These pictures made me smile. Don't you love it when snapdragons seed themselves in walls? A free treat!

  6. I love your violets and the ferns are perfect. We have primroses growing in the crack of some stone steps, unlikely but beautiful.
    Hope teeth all recovering now.

  7. If you deliberately set out to plant violas in the tiniest of cracks in the wall I suspect you wouldn't be successful- but somehow left alone they get a footing and flourish.

    Beautiful against the stone - as is that delicate little fern.


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