Monday, 30 March 2009

Work in progress

We had lovely new bedroom windows installed last Friday. The way the house was built means the upstairs windows take the full brunt of the weather and wooden windows do not last long, so after about six or seven years of dithering, we finally decided to install UPVC. I was really worried that they'd shriek "PLASTIC" on such an old house, but I think they look okay. The only problem is that the house now looks grubby, so I'd better get my paintbrush out...

This is my dry stone wall in progress. It's very close to being finished. I just have a few rocks to move about until it looks right and I need to find a couple more flat slates for the top layer. I didn't make it too tall - I'm not exactly a skilled craftsman! It's quite satisfying work though.

"All" I have to do now is dig over the area behind the wall, remove all the couch grass roots and sow the new lawn.


  1. Mags, you can eat as much chocolate as you like after all that drystone walling. The windows look great.

  2. Your windows look great, we have them in here too!

  3. I love building walls, sad person that i am. You have doen a great job on yours Mags. the windows are looking good to.
    Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog. I think you are right about approx 4 weeks for gardening - mind you, I am turning into a real softie and thought it was freezing today! xx

  4. What a pretty house you have - complete with the hanging garden (tiny now, but who knows?)
    Your drystone wall is an ambitious project - it really looks good.

  5. Luckily we live in a hideous 1970s Bradstone house, so replacement windows aren't an issue. Yours look fine, but I agree about the painting ;¬} Great wall, by the way.

  6. The windows look fine and your wall building is fab, congratulations. I'm painting the outside of my house at the moment.

  7. That's a gold medal winning wall - well done you. Eat chocolate by was of reward.

    Couch grass is the work of the devil, best of luck with you removal plans. I think we've got more of it now than when we started out - which must tell you something about the efficacy of our weeding technique.


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