Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunshine, temperature and a bit of a high

It was really cheerful this weekend with wall to wall sunshine for pretty much all of it. I finally got some seeds planted, including my Sweet Peas, which I always plan to plant in September and somehow only ever manage to do in March. Everything is late due to the wet weather last autumn and over the winter, so I have only just pruned the summer raspberries. Again something I should have done last September.

One by product of all the wet is that so much has grown rather rampantly. Today I have been hacking at and hauling out lots of overgrown honeysuckle, climbing roses and brambles, and my arms now look as if I have been fighting with a litter of angry kittens.

We had a quiet weekend really. Hannah having endured a rocketing temperature and severe headache on Friday. She kept complaining about the light, didn't touch her beloved Nintendo DS at all and kept turning off the television saying that it was too bright and too loud. I kept waking her up from her slumbers on the sofa to run through the various meningitis checks (every parent's nightmare) but she recovered after several doses of Calpol and a good night's sleep.

Sunday saw me out for my long run and for the first time since November I actually got a bit of a runner's high and felt as if I was actually going somewhere. I actually felt I had energy reserves to call on, which was a great feeling after so many months of viruses, back spasms and other health problems which, at times, made me want to lie down on the lovely hard tarmac and go to sleep!

Last November I ran nearly 72 miles in the month; in December I barely ran 15 miles. It has been a total frustration. Not least because the back pain was self inflicted because I picked up a heavy rock (for my stone wall) and something went ping. I then had a sore ankle from kicking myself for being so bloody stupid!

On Sunday, though, I was beginning to feel back to my normal self again and was fairly flying along on my favourite 6.5 mile route when I saw someone I know (which is always a good feeling - I hate bumping into people when I'm panting up a hill, sweating like a horse and praying for an early death.)


  1. Glad Hannah is ok - that sort of illness is a bit scary for a mum, isnt it.

    Sweet peas - I better get started!

  2. Oh so glad Hannah's all better. Hate those sorts of viruses. Sounds like you have the Spring energy rush Mags. We have it here too though I wonder if it will fade when the sun goes? Gorgeous today here xx

  3. I loved the description of your run - runner's high is something I might have experienced long ago but am unlikely to feel ever again!
    So glad to hear that your Hannah is on the mend. Those viruses are the cause of many mums' white hair.

  4. Isn't it fab to be back out in the garden, welcoming the spring. I so know what you mean about running - I didn't run at all in December or Jan, and I have missed it so much. Hills are killers though - I am always swearing under my (gasping) breath. Hannah's virus sounds awful, glad it passed quickly.

  5. What a gorgeous photo at the head of this blog, just perfect. Glad Hannah is ok again. I envy you your running - sounds awesome. I used to run and loved it but I might have to stick to the walking now.

  6. Let's hear it for the runner's high! And I'm absolutely with you about meeting people on my run - I want to look like Haile Gebreselassie, not Highly Fatandunfit. But don't go kicking things again ;¬}

  7. I love that daffodil picture Mags.
    I admire your ability to run, I don't do running but love to walk very fast!


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